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Bod Meeting 25 06 2017

Meeting scheduled at: 25 June 2017 at 14.00 CET

Participants:duesseldorf, thorgal67, wind Guests:


Approval of last report

May Meeting unanimously approved

Updates by BoD members


  • participated in 6th Seek the Duck in Toulouse
  • written several Community News and prepared more
  • been interviewed for radio programm NDR in northern Germany
  • Safety Team work


  • Safety Team work
  • Forum moderation
  • Treasurer activities
  • been interviewed by several universities about sharing communities in Belgium


  • handled some tickets on OTRS
  • greetings for NMBW
  • try again to re-activate a possibile volunteer for Support Team


  • updated BV history
  • https://lynx.bewelcome.org:9001/p/History_of_BeVolunteer
  • http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/History_of_BeVolunteer
  • Owncloud
  • BV statutes review
  • confirmation from the prefecture
  • contacted volunteer coordination group


  • contacted potential volunteers

Member Survey Update

The survey started on June 19th and is scheduled to take place within three weeks till July 9th. So far it is going well, members' comments on survey invitations are predominantly positive We can project useful results

leoalone brought up a discussion about the email address which was used for the invitiation email to the BeWelcome members: bw.survey.taskforce@gmail.com via lamapoll.de

  • > should an email address from @bewelcome.org have been used? suggestion for the yearly repetition

General Assembly

As location (Lille) and dates (November 18+19, 2017) are set thorgal67 will publish it in the BV members group and link to this activity page: https://www.bewelcome.org/activities/1911


  • still not sure if it is possible to create folders that are only visible with a special login to designated users.
  • First the BoD should use it to store official documents: NDAs, BV membership applications, BV membership cancellation emails etc.
  • amnesiac84 and leoalone are the admins of Owncloud. They both can see into everything uploaded.
  • other teams interested in using OwnCloud are the Member Survey Team and the Statutes Review Team. Until the seperate visibility of folders is checked no Team apart from the BoD is able to use OwnCloud.
  • Find out whether a second / multiple installations of OwnCloud would be of use.

The meeting ended at 15:40 CEST