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Bod Meeting 23 11 2017

Meeting started at: November 23th 2017 20.00 CET. Participants:duesseldorf; thorgal67; Frauenschuh

Guests : None


First meeting of the newly elected BoD

The positions in the Board of Directors were agreed unanimously

  • Executive : duesseldorf
  • Treasurer: thorgal67
  • Secretary: frauenschuh

Announcement of new BoD

Official announcement of new BoD to prefecture de Rennes

Thorgal67 and Frauenschuh will send their signatures to Duesseldorf, who will send the announcement to the prefecture.

duesseldorf will announce GA results and new BoD in community news Treasurer will check, if announcement to bank is necessary.

Other To do's after GA

  • update https://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/board_of_directors - Frauenschuh
  • Eventually update the 'Interview with the BoD' page - or take those questions as a base for community news to introduce the BoD members
  • finish minutes of GA - thorgal67
  • Statutes: Translation of the approved text to French is needed - the Statutes Review Team will take care of this
  • set up a BoD group for this term - Frauenschuh
  • spreadshirt US shop - Treasurer will check out, how much work it is to get the tax stuff done
  • Post in BV group how to see single results of oGA and eGA polls - Frauenschuh
  • interview with Spanish radio station Ya Radio on Dec 14th, 2017- duesseldorf (https://www.radioya.es/programas/54/Colaborum.html)

The meeting ended at 21.30

Next Meeting: December 10th