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Bod Meeting 22 05 2017

Meeting scheduled at: 22 April 2017 at 20.30 CET

Participants: girandoliere, thorgal67, duesseldorf Guests:


Approval of last report

April Meeting approved by Bod's member present.

Updates by BoD-members


  • Community News
  • Video
  • Safety and Support Team tasks
  • travelled to Vienna, Heidelberg and Mannheim and met members there, preparing for Seek the Duck in Toulouse


  • Safety and Support Team
  • Forum Team


  • Greetings for NMBW
  • Handle some tickets in OTRS
  • Collaboration with Safety Team



fairly inactive because of health reasons some exchange with old volunteers and tried to motivate one new support team candidate who - after the training - became inactive

General Assembly

  • Decision about the location. See the Poll Results. The majority of BoD decided for Lille (France).
  • Brainstorming about the date

girandoliere will post a thread-poll for find the weekend for the G.A.

Exchange on safety level

As long as there is no way of cooperating with the other hospex networks there is no need to discuss potential content

End of the meeting: 21.05

Next BoD Meeting: