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Bod Meeting 22 04 2017

Meeting scheduled at: 22 April 2017 at 10.00 CET

Participants: thorgal67, duesseldorf, sammiekong, wind Guests:


Approval of last report

March Meeting approved by BoD

BeVolunteer members

no application

Updates by BoD-members


  • as spokesperson being interviewed by
    • researchers from the US Humboldt State University in California with focus on cultural exchange,
    • a French student working on her thesis about real/fake sharing economy
    • German Faktor 10/Wuppertal Institute with focus on sustainability
    • a journalist of the Brussels-based magazine EU Observer
    • finalized the video - to be discussed where to put it now
    • signed contract on behalf of BeVolunteer with Lamapoll for the Survey


  • Test-Drive the BW Survey
  • Pay the bills for Server (full year)
  • NMBW (emergency greetings since volunteer activity is low)
  • Safety Team
  • Create Poll for Location


  • mentoring new volunteers: after a first approach, the member is on stand by.
  • NMBW: greeting spanish speakers


  • BW 10 year anniversary


  • in contact with some current volunteers
  • move back to Spam Checking a bit more

Update Member Survey

The English questionnaire is almost ready for sharing with the BV group for testing and feedback. The exec received the signed ADV contract for commissioned data processing back countersigned by Lamapoll. The start of the poll will depend on the changes requested on the questionnaire, the time required for translations (We plan to keep the translation within the taskforce for consistency of the wordings across the four languages), and the availability of the address file for sending out invitations. It should be possible in May.

thorgal67 will ask polyglot to share the survey in BV for testing and feedback.

News from NMBW

Actually the situation is critic due the many volunteers' inactivity.

Update about mentoring new volunteers

when trying to onboard new volunteers many seem to be eager in the beginning but after a phase of mentoring do not start becoming active. No solution found to this ... we have to try again and again

Update BW anniversary

Will be organized the 11th Mont Royal Summer Camp (19th-24th July). duesseldorf will attend and offers to do a reading of her book and will get in touch with the organizer


The video is ready. Still has some tasks:

  • ask milanche to send us the video data - try to upload it to our own server
  • make the youtube link in his profile public so we can link it
  • put links on BeWelcome wikis
  • link it on Facebook
  • double check the spelling/grammar of the subtitles)

duesseldorf and sammiekong will take care about those small tasks

meeting ends 11:54 CET