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Bod Meeting 21 01 2017

Meeting started at: January 21th 2017 14.00 CET.

Etherpad : https://lynx.bewelcome.org:9001/p/BoD__Meeting_21_01_2017

Participants:duesseldorf, girandoliere, sammiekong, thorgal67, wind

Guests:leoalone ( mumble) amnesiac84 ( etherpad)


Approval of last report

December Meeting unanimously approved

BeVolunteer members

no application

Updates by BoD-members


  • filmed a short introductory video about BeWelcome, currently discussed in the communication team
  • pushed our sysadmins to react on offer of volunteering - new sysadmin will start with documentation
  • treasurer tasks
  • published community news about big donation + prepared one for Seek the Duck
  • make donations to BeWelcome tax deductible in France: organizing first meeting of workgroup
  • drafting press release for 10th anniversary


  • contacted donators
  • Safety Team meetings
  • NMBW greetings


  • Secretary tasks (announcement, agenda, wiki)
  • Greetings for NMBW
  • Manage the administation of BV mailing list.
  • get in contact with dev team and syadmin about the techinal aspect of a possibile collaboration with WikiVoyage.

taskgirandoliere and duesseldorf will investigate more about this chance.


  • TIN spreadshirt
  • BV members
  • history.

duesseldorf and thorgal67 volunterred volunteering for a proofeading / check on the History text and then update the wiki

  • NDA.

task:sammiekong will contact every BV member asking to provide his/her scan of Identy Card/passport.his/her


  • contacted some potential volunteers
  • exchanged with some current volunteers to keep motivation
  • took a closer look and got some data on Translation Team's work, have a clearer pictures on the work done

Community News

taskduesseldorf and girandoliere will take care about collecting topics, remind activity, spread news, etc untill GA 2017.

BeWelcome Anniversary Celebrations

During the last meeting the BoD was agree to contact the organizer of past big event for offer promotional material. an update

  • Seek The Duck: User:thorgal67 had an productive email exchange with the organizer
  • Seek the Pig&In Cod we trust: will contact soon
  • There is discussion about event in Berlin (1st of May), there will be an informal event for sure, some people from France want to come. If it will be a bigger event depends on how much people get involved in organisation.

Celebrations of 100.000 member

The BoD thinks it's a bit early for this now, but still interested on the topic. duesseldorf will draft another press release.

Reviewing Statute

task: wind will comunicate the BoD input.

Barriers for Volunteering

A topic suggest by a BV member, the BoD will contact the member to ask for more input.


Internal topic to check the work in progress of internal topics/internal tasks.

Request from Safety Team

The Safety Team wrote a message to the BoD claiming attention to potential serious problem connected with private groups. girandoliere will get in contact the Safety Team about the decision.

The meeting ends at 17.45

Next Meeting: 18_02_2017