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Bod Meeting 20 08 2017

Meeting scheduled at: 20 August 2017 at 10.00 CET

Participants: thorgal67, girandoliere, sammiekong Guests: none


Approval of last report

June Meeting approved.

Updates by BoD members


  • have mainly been travelling for summer holidays.
  • worked on some Safety Team issues, answered some support team tickets


  • Statutes review (topics of ombudsperson and BoD <--> teams popped up)
  • Owncloud, in contact with sysadmins
  • Started discussion about conclusions from the survey


  • Greetings
  • Collaboration with Safety Team for a suspect thief-case + support Safety Team (Italian members involved).
  • Successfully trained a new volunteer for Support Team
  • Restart the training phase for a new potential volunteer for Support Team.
  • Some stuffs for GA: General Assembly 2017 wiki, Agenda Suggestions for General Assembly


  • Greetings
  • Forum Moderation
  • Safety Team issues
  • Collaborative Economy contacts


  • Received 2 surgeries in the past month and didn't really participate in BW activites.
  • Answering a few Emails from potential volunteers.

General Assembly

1. Decide a timeframe for all the documents needed --> decision: 15th of October for the first call to the teams and 1st of November for the reminder to all.

2. Start with collecting reports from several teams. The following teams will be contacted in order to urge the report:

3. What needs to be arranged with the host from Lille? Ask to duesseldorf to get in contact with the organizers.

4. Set up wiki for brainstorming https://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/Suggestions_for_the_agenda_-_General_Assembly_2017

5. Timeline for topic decision: Decisions:

  • Real Email for announcing the General Assembly and extraordinary General Assembly
  • 1st Email inviation (1st of October) about: '"GA '"and (5th of October) '"eGA"'
  • 2st Email invitation (15 October ) reminder plus voting groups.
  • Deadline for topic's proposal: 30th October

7. decision about voting group and discussion group: the decision of BoD is to write the thread into BeVolunteer group with prefix [GA 2017] ; other prefix '"eGA 2017''' in BeVolunteer group is for the Statutes review part.

8. Clean-up of unreachable BV members again: postponed to next BoD meeting.

9. Quorum and rules for topic approval about Statues Review. thorgal67 will send the message to the Statutes Review Team, informing them about the decision to hold an eGA at the same time as the GA, and to ask their opinion about voting on the Statutes, since they require a special quorum.

BW meetings

  1. Mont Royal
  2. Marseille
  3. Rennes

The meeting ended at CET 11.00