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Bod Meeting 18 02 2017

Meeting scheduled at: February 18th 2017, 10.08 CET.

Participants:girandoliere (until 12:15), wind, duesseldorf, sammiekong, thorgal67 (from 10.15 to 12:15). Guests:mountx (11:10-11:53), polyglot ( from 11:10-12:30).


Approval of last report

January Meeting The majority of BoD approved.

BeVolunteer members

no applications

Updates by BoD-members


  • drafted press release for 10th anniversary, triggered translation
  • treasurer tasks
  • shevek invites every organizer of an activity to contact him and he will manually add additinal organizers to an activity
  • was interviewed for a research project by f10-institut.org - invitation to participate in a "focus discussion group" on march16th in Frankfurt. Posted the invitation in the Frankfurt group because they are open for more participants. So far no reaction.
  • community news about donations


  • contacted donators
  • increasing our bitpay acceptance level
  • OTRS
  • Spam checking


  • Greetings for the NMBW
  • Handled some ticket in OTRS
  • Started the mentoring for a possibile new volunteer


  • Statutes
  • Bitpay donations
  • history


  • Reviewed all the teams and got name list of all current active volunteers.
  • Send messages and get in contact with all the active volunteers (interaction communication, )
  • Review the "who does what" page, collect information to be updated.
  • Started to work on "ID copy of BV member" (waiting for name list of existing ID copies, need to work on name list to be contacted and ask for ID copy) -- what kind of ID is accepted? (Passport prefered, any photo ID would be fine) -- all members of BV and also those who signed an NDA need to provide ID copy/scan


Following a discussion on the scope of the Statutes Review, mountx and polyglot agreed to build a small team to revise the Terms of Reference and re-submit to the BoD.

Member Survey

BeWelcome has never conducted a member survey. Many data is simply not known, the BoD and the teams act on mere assuptions. There is a need to have viable data about the BeWelcome interactions between members. Some members with professional background in marketing and designing surveys have formed a team, brainstormed about the goals, topics etc within the BV group.

1.Survey objectives

  • Understand member activity online and offline
  • Understand why members are not more active and identify ways to increase activity
  • Obtain key data on website usage and satisfaction to allow assessment of future progress (benchmarking)

2. Use of LamaPoll as provider for this and ideally future surveys, at no cost for BV

  • After looking at a dozen online survey tools and analyzing and testing a shortlist of half a dozen in detail, we recommend to use LamaPoll for this and future surveys:
  • the only online survey tool which allows to conduct the survey in several languages with a common set of data
  • strong survey and data protection: unique password/IP & cookies
  • allows to send invitations directly from within the software - no bounces going back to BW!
  • conditional questions/skip logic for asking only questions which apply
  • progress meter
  • powerful reports and CSV and Excel export, including filtering in the software itself
  • no workload for dev-team/admin teams except providing email-addresses of members to be questioned"
  • used by Campact Social Movement and companies like Siemens and CeBIT
  • it is not owned by Google ;-)

3. Addition of a mention or a back link to LamaPoll on the BW website in return for their generous offer

The BoD unanimous decision is to approve all three points.

Survey by University of Geneva

do we want to ask our members twice for different surveys? decision: BoD asks Uni Geneva for more details about their plans to see how they can fit together

Signing in findngo.co

(done via email before this BoD meeting) https://www.findngo.co sent a offer to the BoD for a possibile collaboration. The majority of BoD approved to create a free profile http://www.findngo.co/profile/ngo/bewelcomeorg let's see if this is a way for recruiting volunteers through this start-up site

Barriers for volunteering

A topic suggested by a BV member, the BoD will invite the BV members for a brainstorming

shift this topic to March and invite that BV member to attend the March BoD meeting

BV General Assembly 2017

  • open a thread in BV members group about place and time
  • duesseldorftakes this task (and introduces the idea to move the GA from december to New Year as people might have more time to attend the GA in person)

The meeting ends at 12.47 Next Meeting: