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Bod Meeting 16 01 2018

Meeting started 16.01.2018 at 20:15 and ended at 22:10

Next Meeting: 30.01.2018

Participants : thorgal67, duesseldorf, Frauenschuh


Approval of report of previous BoD meeting http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/Bod_Meeting_10_12_2017 Has been approved

1. review of activities by BoD members:


- supported the NMBWT by greeting German speaking new members

- Background research about GDPR


- Started a draft of member life cycle

- Offer of Lawyers org for external DPO

thorgal67 :

- started donation campaign on 02.01.2018

- handled donations and updated the treasurer's list

- thanked donators

- handled paypal - NMBWT

2. GDPR: Next steps

As far as we found out there is no immediate obligation to install a data protection officer or anything alike. The responsability lies with the BoD and especially with the Exec. Nevertheless the regulation obliges us to document our procedures thoroughly.

Documentation shall lead to several documents:

- member life cycle - defining roles and their "powers" - listing members for each role

thorgal67 will contact members to work on GDPR in a task force

3. small clean-up of database by unblocking old and never used profile names

implementation postponed until April/May

4. Cleanup of inactive groups

BoD sees the hiding of inactive groups in the default search as a first step, but is not too happy that the teams like Forum Moderation Teams have not been involved in the process. BoD fears that there might be more duplicate groups in the future. We will evaluate the current situation in three months time.

5. Donations

  • status update : 25% reached within the first 3 weeks
  • Some discussions about the ways to donate. Not all are equally helpful, causing extra work and cost
  • BoD is okay with trying out Google adwords encouriging Bitcoin donations, but does not agree to use it for promoting other ways of donations.

6. Statutes

  • French Translation is ready
  • Duesseldorf will register the new statutes with the French authorities in Rennes till the end of February.


A backup for the IT volunteers needs to be found, but it's a difficult thing. A job description is proposed.

8. To Do

  • contact potential GDPR Task Force members
  • Update of statutes both on the Wiki-page and on bevolunteer.org - Frauenschuh will take care of this and act as the BoD-contact for the 'Statutes Review Team'