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Bod Meeting 13 02 2018

Bod Meeting 13 02 2018

Meeting started 13.02.2018 at 20:15 and ended at 22:20

Next Meeting: 27.03.2018

Participants : thorgal67, duesseldorf, Frauenschuh


Approval of report of previous BoD meeting http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/Bod_Meeting_30_01_2018

Has been approved

1. review of activities by BoD members:


  • next step service-public.fr: uploaded founding statutes and minutes
  • NMBWT, spam checking, SafetyTeam, answered OTRS tickets for BoD


  • Completed the draft for BW-user-life-cycle and send it to volunteers involved in the processes for revision

thorgal67 :

  • Treasurer duties : paypal + thankyou-notes
  • NMBWT, SafetyTeam, Forum

2. BV group in BW forum

Do the BW forum moderators also moderate the BV group discussions? Thy have no mandate to do so and the BoD does not ask the Forum moderators to monitor the BV group. In serious breaches of conduct within the BV members forum group the BoD should act - and if this does not help then call the Ombudsperson. The instance that should intervene in such cases needs discussion and is a topic for the next GA.

Discussion about misconduct in the BV group and the conclusions and actions: When a BV member writes in the forum that they will never volunteer and leave BV, then the BoD will get in touch with this member to verify if this was an official resignation.

3. Disclosure of personal information

BoD will post a message in the BV group and send a message to all volunteers who have signed an NDA because they have access to personal information of BW members and remind them to be extra careful not to disclose this information to third parties - whether they are BV members or not - and reason with the GDPR


work group: 3 members have been contacted with the request to join the group

5. BeActive Campaign website

In the next BoD meeting we will discuss what to do with the websites http://www.bevolunteer.org/beactive/ and http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/BeActive

next BoD meeting:

due to absence because of traveling it will take place in 6 weeks: March 27th, 2018