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Bod Meeting 12 09 2017

Meeting scheduled at: 12 September 2017 at 21.13 CET

Participants: duesseldorf, thorgal67, wind, girandoliere Guests:


Approval of last report

August Meeting approved.

Updates by BoD members


  • Skype talk with a researcher from the Unitversity Lund (Sweden) about future collaboration. They do local workshops around the globe and will be in London in November. If you know anybody in London who is interested in being interviewed by them please let me know. http://www.urbansharing.org/london/ Same counts for the other cities they will visit: San Francisco in spring 2018. Lukas met them while in Berlin and they were very happy about this "BeWelcome cooperation". I already contacteda member to get in touch and he answered that he will do so as he is interested in this field of research and they will also be in Barcelona. The BoD decides to promtoe the event though a local newsletter in London
  • Safety Team work and Support Team tickets
  • GA preparations: contact with Annie26
  • Request for reports from different teams


  • working on statutes
  • updated wiki page for rules&regulations (was up-to-date on bevolunteer.org, but not on bewelcome.org)
  • updated wiki page for the ombudsperson, contacted sysadmins because of email of ombudsperson
  • short visit to European Hitchgathering in Riebau, Germany
  • updated the mailing list BV members
  • request for interview for master thesis



  • Safety
  • Spam checking
  • Contacted University of Louvain


  • being not available most of time

General Assembly

1. Start with collecting reports from several teams. The teams will be contacted in order to urge the report. 15th of October for the first call to the teams and 1st of November for the reminder.

2. Update from the General Assembly organizers. duesseldorf is in contact with the organizer and will update BoD asap.

3. Decision about voting group and discussion group:

  • discussions in BeVolunteer group with prefix -GA 2017- and prefix -eGA- (for the Statutes review part)
  • two voting groups

4. Agenda of ordinary GA and extraordinary GA

  • oGA: Saturday 10-15 (including lunch break) and Sunday 11:30-15:30 (including lunch break)
  • eGA: Saturday 15-18 and Sunday 10-11:30

5. Change of Rules and Regulations

  • NEW Introduction: BeVolunteer is mainly defined by its official statutes. The rules and regulations clarify and further specify some points defined in the statutes as well as set some rules to enhance the management of the organization. Given this dependency, any rules contradicting the statutes are invalid.
  • NEW Rules pertaining to the Ordinary General Assemblies: Article 8 of the Statutes: The BoD shall organize an Ordinary General Assembly on a regular basis, not less than once every calendar year. All members defined in Article 6 in the Statutes shall be given timely notification. An Ordinary General Assembly shall be deemed quorate and capable of taking decisions providing that at least one quarter of the current voting membership is present or represented. Unless otherwise stated in the Statutes, all decisions will be made by absolute majority. In other words, for a proposal to pass it will need the approval of more than 50% of those BeVolunteer members eligible to vote and who are present or represented. The number of eligible members present or represented will be determined, independently for each vote, by the sum of votes and �abstentions� (those notifying that they are present or represented but not voting).

6. Clean-up of BV members

  • The BoD decided not to have another clean-up.

7. Draft for invitation email to all BeVolunteer members

  • The BoD approved the text. duesseldorf will send out those two invitations via email from her private email account.
  • 15th of September, invitation oGA + invitation for voting group for oGA
  • 20th of September, invitation eGA + invitation for voting group for eGA
  • 15th of October, reminder for both GA's and invitation to the voting groups

8. Task: who does what (BoD tasks for General Assembly's preparation).

  • create the voting groups -> thorgal67
  • send invitations to all BV members for eGA and oGA -> duesseldorf
  • organizing a conference room for GA -> duesseldorf together with Annie
  • asking shevek about bug fixing during his world trip -> duesseldorf
  • contacting the teams for the reports -> everyone
  • check the folder structure of Owncloud -> duesseldorf and wind

9. New deadline for aggenda suggestions: 30th of September


  • danieljames left the dev team
  • sysadmin team updated the server LYNX and also Owncloud from version 7 to version 10

BW member survey

  • Discussion about the incoming results and eventually discussion about possibile future utilisation of this
  • What kind of conclusions we draw from the results?
  • How to implement these conclusions in the BW website or into BV?
  • Who will draw official conclusions from the survey findings and who will act on them? Because if there is no action there isn�t much point in repeating it just for fun.

The meeting ended at CEST 23.20