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Bod Meeting 12 03 2017

Meeting scheduled at: March 12th 2017, 14.10

Participants: duesseldorf, thorgal67, sammiekong (from 15.27) girandoliere ( from 15.29) Guests: polyglot, frauenschuh (14:35-15:10), leolaone


Approval of last report

February Meeting the majoirity of BoD approved

BeVolunteer members

no application

Updates by BoD-members


  • sent out press release for 10th anniversary to approx 450 journalists, bloggers and BW members
  • survey: skype meeting with polyglot, frauenschuh and shevek about technical aspects of survey
  • skype meeting with professor of University of Geneva together with polyglot and
  • treasurer tasks
  • community news about press release, next could be about the Frankfurt invitation - if that is not too local. http://www.bewelcome.org/blog/duesseldorf/14333


  • treasurer: transfer of authorisation to access bank account: still missing one code
  • thank you messages to donators


  • Greetings for NMBW
  • Handle some tickets in OTRS
  • Mentoring a new vol for Support Team


not present


  • contacted current volunteers (greeting/thanks)


Following a discussion on the scope of the Statutes Review, mountx and polyglot revised the Terms of Reference and re-submited version v2.2 to the BoD. Duesseldorf will send a mail to statute's review team: the BoD agree with objectives and team's scope and encourage the team to starting the review.

Member Survey

The survey taskforce has been looking into privacy aspects of using Lamapoll and shared the analysis and ways of protecting data with the Board for discussion and approval. There are potential issues between our privacy policy and some aspects of the survey. The aspects "share personal data with a third party" (e.g. uploading email adresses to the server of Lamapoll) and "services you requested" .Several solutions grow up during the brainstormnig, but the BoD wants to check a lawyer to a have clear vision about the issue.

decision:postponed until lawyer's response about our privacy policy.

Survey by University of Geneva

postponed until lawyer's response about our privacy policy.

Barriers for volunteering

This topic has been on the BoD agenda various times and the members interested in it have not yet presented their arguments. Therefore we close this topic. The members are welcome to put it back on the BoD agenda later at their request.

Donations to BeWelcome becoming tax deductible in France

Two BeWelcome members (cybouk and outang) start to investigate how BeWelcome could be recognized by French Autorithies as no profit association. That status will provide the chance to become tax deductible for French citicens who donated money to BeWelcome. The members collected the several typologies of assocation exixsted in France. They suggested to apply for the status of Association reconnue d�int�r�t g�n�ral�.

decisionIn an email decision the BoD members agreed unanimously to continue this path and try to get the suggested status.

BV General Assembly 2017

The BoD wants to motivate BeWelcome members to organize next G.A. and still continue to investigate to find several options. Then the BoD will set up a poll into BV group for the final decision about Where and When.

Request by a member to pay for an SSD hard drive of min. 120 GB to help him edit the video

rejected by whole BoD present.

The meeting ends at 16.40 Next Meeting: