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Bod Meeting 10 12 2017

Meeting started at: December 10th 2017 20.00 CET. Participants:duesseldorf; thorgal67; Frauenschuh

Guests : None


Approval of report of previous BoD meeting


review of activities by BoD members:

  • duesseldorf:

community news about new BoD sent letter to prefecture of Rennes announcing new BoD prepared interview with Spanish radio station Radio Ya for their program "Colaborum" on Dec 14th

  • frauenschuh:

updated wiki of BoD

first research for lawyer about data protection issue

  • thorgal67 :

paid La Coroutine

still on task list: finish minutes of 2017 GA Tax declaration Spreadshirt shop sent NMBW Team infos to duesseldorf


from the GA:

start forum discussion whether we should keep bewelco.me as domain to prevent cybersquatting or whether we should let it expire - BV or general forum? BV forum is ok for the 3 BoD members

Frauenschuh will check possible domain names and add link to discussion, check expiry date 11.05.2018

install a task force / workgroup for GDPR (European Data Protection laws)

  • The legal situation is somewhat unclear, as France hasn't passed a new legislation yet to get adapted to GDPR.

(Is a data protection officer necessary ?)

  • Thorgal67 will contact some members to see, if they can join a workgroup.
  • duesseldorf will ask a German data protection lawyer about his price and under what conditions he would take such a client as BeWelcome.
  • Frauenschuh is in contact with German companies in the field of data protection, a 1st offer is expected around Dec. 19,

Private (=closed) groups

small clean-up of database by unblocking old and never used profile names

There are currently about 1200 profiles, that never confirmed their registration.

These profiles should be deleted after a certain period. The original idea of the BoD was 1 year, shevek proposed 1 to 3 months. He can set the status of these profiles to 'ask to leave'. Profiles with that status are physically erased in an annual routine. Needs further discussion, als with respect to those members, who asked themselves for their profile to be deleted.

The meeting ended at 21.15

Next Meeting: December 10th