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Bo D Meeting 30.08.2013

.Meeting started at: 15.15 ART

Participants: manuel, gilbert, frank, pablo

moderator: frank


Review of previous to do list

1. setting a date and location for the GA. Done. we have a date and location. To do: Ask for candidates for the BoD. Check what time schedule we need to respect.

2. Volunteer cafe. It was postponed due to holidays. Some volunteers will gather in 5 weeks there is an Unconference in Florence, Italy. Proposed date: 17 september. To do: prepare dates and time and communicate them. coordinate the cafe.

3. the new NDA: Several have been sent and signed by volunteers. To do: All the teams that have access to anyone that can see non-public info will be asked to sign, acording to their rights and levels of access.

4. Donations for support to Local Events. The donation page was updated. To do: Finish the guidelines. Start a thread in the communications forum about brainstorming about a new NL

6&7. Data retention and ToU. There was some progress reviewing all the input received. To Do: finish the final draft for the new ToU and submit to BV members for the GA aproval.

8. Give the safety team more rights. This was done. We have a new safety team member. the safety team is getting more work lately some spam, and quite a lot of negative comments that contain accusations and retaliation. They will present to the BoD their suggestion for guidelines regarding comments.

New Topics

1. Answering questions about statistics The support team receives on a regular basis mails from "students" who are making a paper about hospex, requesting detailed stats. To do: give a template to support team asking for detailed description of their project

2. Organising/supporting a Hackaton Some non-developer members proposed to volunteer organizing a hackaton to make Welen. To do: ask the main welen developers if they agree.

3. Preparing for next GA. To do: a budget, get feedback from all the team, the annual report.

Meeting ended: 16.30 ART

Approved by: thorgal67 - Fri, 30 Aug 13 21:59:52 +0200