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Bo D Meeting 29.10.2009

Meeting started at: 29.10.09: 20:00 - London Time

Moderator: demorganna

Participants: kiwiflave jeanyves Tgoorden demorganna

Absent without notification: jilrev

Absent with notification: -

Guest: fake51 took part in the discussion about point 2. on the agenda and gave report of Dev team status.


  • Last vol cafe and BoD forum thread - conclusions
  • Vol cafe - not very well attended but productive. Newsletter every second month, Maria responsible for it.
  • No useful contribution from the BoD forum thread so far.
  • Domain providers contacted us about using BW ROX to create portals for Dominican Republic tourist trade
  • fake51 answered their technical question
  • kiwiflave contacted them to suggest we can provide further support and ask for donation to our project.
  • Dev team report
  • Low activity - people on holidays and/or busy recently
  • There are signals to suggest more activity soon
  • Major update was moved to live on the 28.10
  • Further work on 'groups' feature is the team's priority
  • BoD can support the team by working to increase general member activity and improve communication between teams
  • Follow-up on the Returning loan to HospitalityClub friends topic - we had to skip this point due to jilrev not being present.
  • Improving volunteer structure and communication between and within teams
  • Teams should have coordinators whose role can be defined by the team itself but this is the point person in terms of work coordination and contact
  • Before each bod, each coordinator should post a few points about what their team is doing/planning to do/would like to do/problems in the forum thread "input for bod"
  • Coordinators will be contacted by demorganna, prompted to report on the forum and take stock of their teams.
  • Tgoorden will organize un-conference meeting to get creative juices flowing. Probably on 23-24 January in Antwerp.

Meeting ended at: 29.10.2009 22:00 London Time

Approved by: Kiwiflave 12:52, 30 October 2009 (UTC)