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Bo D Meeting 27.05.2010

Meeting started at: 27.05.2010: 20:15 - GMT

Moderator: no specific moderator

Participants: kiwiflave jeanyves jilrev Tgoorden

Not present: demorganna


  • GA preparation, discussing technicalities, such as how to allow online participation - still in progress. Wiki site is http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/General_Assembly_2010
  • Servas Collaboration - to be discussed and agreed on at the GA
  • Finances - still some money in bank - detailed financial statement to be provided at GA in a week's time
  • BV members list needs to be updated
  • last BoD meeting for the current term. New BoD to be elected during GA.

Meeting ended at: 27.05.2010 21:15 GMT