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Bo D Meeting 26.11.2009

Meeting started at: 26.11.09: 20:00 - London Time

Moderator: demorganna kiwiflave

Participants: kiwiflave jeanyves Tgoorden demorganna jilrev

Absent without notification: -

Absent with notification: -


Follow up on last meeting

  • Improving volunteer structure and communication between and within teams - no real progress here. demorganna hasn't sent emails to coordinators yet. This will also be a major topic for Antwerpen un-conference.

Wiki taskforce

  • Tgoorden reported that the moving of BV wiki to BeWelcome.org page is by and large finished (Yey Tgoorden and his team!).
  • We agreed to archive the BV wiki. The archived version will still be available for a while, potected by a password published on BeWelcome.org. Tgoorden will discuss this further with the wiki task force team. The BeVolunteer site will be reduced to one page with links to the respective BW wiki pages concerning BeVolunteer, BV blog entries archived.

Financial situation

  • Money to repay hc friends loan is now available thanks to the generosity of BW members and volunteers. The loan will be paid back to Pierre-Charles before the end of the year.
  • Domain renewal and server rent renewal are coming up soon, so we need more donations.
  • The transition of documents to the new treasurer (jilrev) is almost finished, however changing treasurer's address with the bank we are currently using (Crédit Coopératif) might be costly. BoD will ask members through forum and newsletter if they know of any bank they think could be more sympathetic to our needs.
  • BoD also agreed for tobixen to host our test server which will save us 19Â�/month - thanks tobixen!

December Meeting

  • We agreed that the meeting should happen earlier than usual to avoid Thursday 24.12 and 31.12.
  • demorganna will send an email to decide on an exact date.

Free discussion

  • We talked briefly about the slow growth of our community and agreed that this is also something to discuss in Antwerpen with more members and volunteers present. However we all seem to agree that the quality of the community is more important than the size.

Meeting ended at: 29.10.2009 21:15 London Time

Slightly edited and approved by kiwiflave - Fri, 27 Nov 09 11:07:03 +0000