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Bo D Meeting 26.04.2010

Meeting started at: 26.04.2010: 19:25 - GMT

Moderator: demorganna

Participants: kiwiflave jeanyves jilrev Tgoorden demorganna

Not present: -



  • Date: 5-6.06
  • Place Suggestions:
    • Hamburg - we need someone to host it
    • Rennes - hosted by jilrev and jeanyves
    • Will be decided by the end of the week
  • Topics
    • Servas Collaboration
    • Finances
    • Volunteers

'BW-Servas cooperation'

  • The talks continue slowly
  • 21st May meeting in Venice
  • Further discussions and decisions during GA

'Free discussion'

  • The loan was paid back to Pierre-Charles. We need a receipt.
  • Delayed newsletter will be sent out after GA date and place is decided upon

Meeting ended at: 26.04.2010 20:22 GMT