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Bo D Meeting 26.03.2013

.Meeting started at: 20:00 CET

Participants: crumbking, jilrev, thorgal67, pablobd

moderator: thorgal67


Review of previous to do list

1.BeVolunteer website has been created and is live: www.bevolunteer.org
2. BV insurance: paid
3. Contact volunteer coordinators to get lists with active volunteers: We had 2 more members. There is still people to be contacted.
4. Paperwork with French prefecture : Everyting OK
5. Feedback Volunteer Café (26.02.2013) We will held another cafe, at 2 time zones
6. Donations for support to Local Events: forum thread + feedback from last Unconference where the topic was mentioned. There is agreement to go with the GA mandate.
7. Donations: bar removed, thank you note published
8. Volunteer Code of Conduct published and communicated
9. Data retention: French authorities demand 1 year, it will be comunicated to dev team.
10.Newsletter: Is being sent today

BeVolunteer Conditions for Membership

No changes are made. It is clear now: http://www.bevolunteer.org/become-a-member/

Terms of Use

  • Still needs more work
  • Should be reviewed by a legal expert

BoD & Devs (see resolution adopted at GA)

  • BoD will give non-techincal input to the dev team. We will review current issues first and meet again to make a final priorities list.

BV as documentation resource

  • All the printed documents are in one place with Gilbert
  • Agree on digitalizing everything and having online backup

Meeting ended: 21:30 CET

Approved by: thorgal67 - and : jilrev - Wed, 27 Mar 13 21:55:48 +0100