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Bo D Meeting 26-06-2016

Meeting started at: June 26th 2016 16:05 CET

Participants:amnesiac84,duesseldorf, girandoliere, sammiekong, wind


Approval of last report

May Meeting approved by all 5 members.

BeVolunteer members

  • 3 applications approved
  • 1 application declined.

The Secretary will private communicate with the people the reason of the choice.

Updates by BoD-members


  • risk evaluation questionnaire
  • spam checking


  • BeActive::transferred money to Seek the Duck and Seek the Pig
  • paid the servers
  • www.bewelco.me
  • Spreadshirt
  • Snail mail for the cycling bags


  • Design: - met with Gerrit and shevek. Design and coding is progressing.
  • Support (OTRS):Cleaned up the list, answered some mails, removed spam accounts
  • E-mail GA to BV members: 2 answers of offers for locations.(Firenze and Guatemala).
  • Solidatech: + Techsoup - we have a working account there; signed up for Google as well, Adwords campaign needs to be accepted first
  • Community News:- Wrote a message ~ every week
  • Public profiles: Are now disabled for new accounts, seems to help a bit.


  • start the work to update some wikis. Preparation of Wiki Document Proposal about how proceed and who is responsible.
  • start the work to prepare "BeWelcome Anniversary" ( check thread and trello card collecting ideas about activities. Start writing the document for resume all ideas and propose the topic for next General Assembly.
  • I'll try to promote BeWelcome during my southamerican trip and gift BW card to my hosts.
  • update from NMBW: two new volunteers and maybe a third soon.


  • Slowly making connections with potential volunteers by writing personal messages to have deep exchange.
  • Successfully recruited one volunteer for MNBW team (one only -- need more work).
  • Suggest to discuss: consider an "Award for Hospitality on BeWelcome planet" -- for BoD to thank some volunteers more than other (the volunteers who worked a lot), to let members know how much some volunteers have been doing for BW and make an motivation.

Cooperation request

  • Tripndrive: it's a commercial start-up.

The BoD refuse its proposal. duesseldorf will reply to them the refuse.

GA 2016-2017

  • Pick a date:- 5th and 6th of November. There will be a public announcement on Forum and on BV Group
  • Prepare to pick a location: amnesiac84 will prepare a poll for the location
  • Scouting potential BoD members

BV statues

wind will take care abou it

  • Bring this topic up in the BV group and find people to create propositions for the GA
  • Open an Etherpad page to work on

Forum Moderation Team Proposal

There is a forum thread in which there is the Extended Version of Proposal The results of internal discussione

  • Forum Moderators are also the moderators of the Group Forums. They can edit, delete, etc. posts in group forums when they are against he Forum Rules.
  • The Forum Moderators may create guidelines for Group Adminstrators (please not that they have no powers to alter posts or threads)
  • The Forum Moderators may propose alterations of the Forum Rules to the BoD
  • Discuss private groups in the community and have a poll(?)
  • Posting a forum thread and poll(?) "Clean.up groups". And ask to members the inactivity-timeframe, etc (except city/region/country group) - posts - last post - # of members

sammiekong will update Forum Moderation Team about the disussion and will invite them to next BoD meeting.

Get Active: missing translation

"task": sammiekong talk with Translators Team and ask if they can take care about it and update the page

Update about some wiki pages

POSTPONED TO NEXT BOD MEETING Asking the BoD mandate about some changes and proposal about:

  • Can_BeWelcome_be_sold. Clarify some senteces and remove a sentence.
  • Promotion: proposal to merge variuos page about promotion
  • Check the possibility to add a slideshow instead that too much text for some pages:How To, Being a Good Guest/Host
  • Update/Make more readable Newsletter
  • Check what to do with Howto_Groups

next public BoD Meeting

July 10th, 2016 15.00

Private Meeting ended: 18.30 CET