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Bo D Meeting 24.09.2009

Meeting started at: 24.09.09: 21:00 - CET

Moderator: kiwiflave

Participants: kiwiflave jeanyves Tgoorden jilrev

Absent without notification: -

Absent with notification: demorganna


  1. '''Returning loan to HospitalityClub friends
    1. Gilbert investigates who offered to help replace the loan during the GA, sends them a message for confirmation with the bank details of BV. Once BV received the money from BV supporters, JY helps him to make the actual transaction back to the french organization "HospitalityClub Friends" and writes a thank you letter to that organization for borrowing the money to BV (Gilbert as treasurer to sign it)
  2. '''Follow up on slimming diet for BV
    1. Thomas will inform the wiki group members that the technical part of the wiki implementation is finished. He will organize and invite for a chat related to the wiki move. Thomas also takes care of deactivating bevolunteer.org (forward to bewelcome.org) and archives the blog posts. He will desactivate all the BV old forum except of safety team area (for now). Thomas looks for solution concerning safety team area and how to make sure they get a secure area within BW (extended group feature?)
  3. ''' Follow up on improving volunteer structure and communication between and within teams
    1. Maria's input needed as communications delegate.
    2. OTRS obviously needs to be replaced because it has been hacked before and is very uncomfortable to work with.
  4. '''Follow up on furthering the goal of full transparency
    1. Maria proposes forum thread for members to raise questions which the BoD should discuss: General feedback: Good idea, although not sure if practically feasible. Trial phase of 3 months, Maria to open the forum thread and to manage it as part of the bod's communication strategy. This thread should be made "sticky" - JeanYves can help if necessary. Also "introduce yourself" should be made sticky
  5. ''' Follow up on access to documentation
    1. JeanYves and Gilbert will meet within the next 2 weeks to finalize that, Florian has access to bills
    2. JY will prepare the letter needed to communicate the new BoD to the French bank.
  6. '''Server switch
    1. Switch went well with only minor complications. Big thanks to Peter (fake51) who managed this all by himself!!
  7. '''Follow up on FAQ update
    1. Pending. Thomas will ask Claudia (and others) to help with updating the FAQ and make them conform to GA decisions ("slimming diet")
  8. '''Organize regular volunteer cafés
    1. Maria?? :-)

Meeting ended at: 24.09.2009 23:30 CET

Approved by: Demorganna