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Bo D Meeting 23-09-2016

Meeting started at: September 23th 2016 19.00 CET

Participants: duesseldorf, girandoliere,sammiekong, amnesiac84, wind (from 20.00)


Approval of last report

August Meeting 4 bod member approved the report

BeVolunteer members

no new applicants

Updates by BoD-members


  • A "CEO" is always the vice-treasurer. As such several telephone calls to find out why our bank account is frequently blocked. The main reason is that the bank did not have any email address from us and therefor could not check back which is apparently the regular thing to do when there is a "receiver" in a country outside of France added in the online account. This is to prevent fraud. Finally I managed to have the account unblocked and was able to transfer the deposit / rental fee for the GA location in Venice.
  • Safety Team: blocked spam profiles + one report about vandalism
  • Communication Team: tried to activate the team member who had offered to cut the video snippets already filmed. Tutor a new team member for newsletters and collecting contact information for a media release for our 10th anniversary


  • redesign
  • support (newsletter)
  • Google Adwords
  • blocked spam accounts


  • OTRS: giving an hand about newsletter bouncing email
  • GA: get in contact with many place for find the meeting room for GA; take care about the price and deal with third part;others task required by Ga's organitation.
  • GA Reports from Teams: get in contact with some team's link ( as previously decided) for the report's preparation (Nmbw; Mods;Communication Team)
  • Ga: first campain for spread the voice about General Assembly in several italian groups
  • Volunteer's Mentorship: take care about 2 new potential volunteer's training. Some update for Sammie regard to volunteer's training.


  • statutes + rules and regulations
  • in Cod we trust - BeActive
  • communications with sys admin team
  • communications with dev/ redesign/ testing team
  • suggestions for the GA agenda


General Assembly

Some questions ( see discussions about quorum ) are still open and the BoD have to decide how to handle:

decision: budget for location and meeting room

the Bod choose Lab Altobello(run by Sumo noprofit) as a place where handle the GA. They rent a big room

suggestions for the Ga's topics

The BoD made a draft of the Ga's topics schedule. This draft will be presented into BV group asking for suggestions and improvments. Will publish soon

status membership

BV still have a problem with the quorum( member with theorically vote rights but not active anymore) that can cause a lot of problem ( for changing statues for example). the Bod consider imporant to make a decision now for move forward. So the decision is to send a personal email/bewelcome message in which:Offer to make members honorary/benefactor and remove them when they don�t reply. In the while working on Rules&Regulation BEFORE General Assembly for manage this change and then ask to General Assembly ratification.

what tools will be available for online connection

the decision is to make more open as possible the General Assembly: for whom wants to follow the Ga online will be set a internal pad (Etherpad) and an audio streaming (Mumble firstly). The details about connection and the password for connect to Etherpad will be posted on BV group or can be asked to amnesiac84.

BeActive Application

there is an application from the organizer of In Cod we trust for BeActive Application: the request is about sponsor some promotional gift and BeWelcome T-Shirts. approved

Additional Topics

Priorising the Suggestions


Testing for new website


The meeting ends at 21.02

Next Meeting: