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Bo D Meeting 21.10.2012

Meeting started at: 9PM CET

Participants: Frank, Gilbert, Manuel, Pablo


1. Current BoD Positions

The BoD Positions have been unanimously distributed as follows:

  • President: Thorgal67
  • Secretary: Pablobd
  • Treasurer: Jilrev
  • Communication Coordinator: crumbking

More info: Board of Directors

2. Inform BeWelcome members of the 2012 GA results

This will be done by a blog post on the front page of BW, and further explanations in the November Newsletter (NL)

3. Update the press information & About page

A thread will be started on the forum and community envolvement will be asked for in the November NL

4. Research on legal insurance: third party liability for NGO's

The BoD will investigate how much a legal insurance would cost

5. Hold 2 donation campaigns

Following the approval of the 2012-2013 budget by the General Assembly, we will hold 2 seperate donation campaigns.

  • The first one will be started mid-november and will try to collect 1,260 euro to cover our working expenses for the 2012-2013 period.
  • The second campaign will be started once we have reached the target of our first campaign. We will try to collect 500 euro for sponsoring local BW events.

The BoD will check with the developers to find a way to make a clear distinction between these two campaigns. The current "thermometer" should be reset as well

6. Create a policy for the Community Hospex Promotion Project

We need a transparent procedure about allocating funds to promote local BW meetings. The BoD will contact all BV members and ask them to contribute in this discussion

7. Create a final version of the Terms of Use and related documents (privacy policy/forum rules/Volunteer Code of Conduct)

The BoD will contact all the BV members and ask their help to finalize the documents. Then we will contact a lawyer to proofread. Only then will the documents be offered to the active BV members for approval

8. Activate Chat History

Our current chat interface does not record the chat history. The BoD will talk to the developers to see what can be done.

9. Start Brainstorming on the way we display groups and forums

The BoD is probably not the right authority for a decision on this topic. We will start a thread in the appropriate forum group (brainstorming) and make some suggestions

10. Remind developers to accept all members in the NeedMore queue

After feedback from the developers it is deemed unwise to automatically accept all pending members, because this might create double and empty profiles. Instead we will check the most recent pending members.

11. Activate BW members in becoming BV members

The BoD will contact the team coordinators to get a list of active volunteers, and invite them to become BV members

12. Organize BW volunteer cafe

We will hold a regular BW Volunteer Cafe online in a chat sesssion, every first Tuesday of the Month. The first Volunteer Cafe will start on Tuesday 6 November at 20:00 CET. We will review the possibility of rotating the start times to accommodate volunteers from other time zones.

Approved by: crumbking - Mon, 22 Oct 12 12:10:40 +0200 Aprroved by : jilrev - Mon, 22 Oct 12 21:25:36 +0200