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Bo D Meeting 21.01.2010

Meeting started at: 21.01.2010: 20:26 - GMT+1

Moderator: Tgoorden

Participants: kiwiflave jeanyves jilrev Tgoorden demorganna


'kiwiflave's resignation as BoD chairman'

  • Tgoorden has agreed to take on the role of the new chairman as he was vice-chairman until now.
  • Message explaining the situation will be sent to all members.
  • The necessary documents will be sent to Thomas for signature.


  • We're fine at the moment, but donations seem in really bad shape
  • Thanks to few great people we have enough money to pay back the Loan to HCFriends organization. jeanyves and jilrev will deal with it in the near future.

'The coming weekend meeting in Antwerpen and more general things about the future'

  • Participation for the meeting is very low
  • BW in need of re-evaluation (discussion of partnerships, looking at other sources of income, looking for unique selling point etc.)
  • Tgoorden is in contact with the CIO of Servas US
  • Tgoorden will also get in touch with other non-profits to suggest partnerships
  • The meeting in Antwerpen will look at the problems of lack of activity among members and volunteers and the possible options for the future

'Free discussion'

Meeting ended at: 21.01.2010 22:27 GMT+1