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Bo D Meeting 19.11.2013

Meeting started at: 8 PM CET

Participants: chmac, claudiaab, guaka, pablobd, planetcruiser, sitatara, wind

approval of last report: yes


1.Report from the different BoD positions - sharing work etc.

Executive Delegate

  • Call with thorgal67
  • Call with subaculture
  • Call with Templanza / Natalia_Sevilla
  • Call with sitatara

Vice Executive Delegate

the last two weeks the work consisted mostly of helping with the BoD transition:

  • briefing about bv tools and procedures
  • giving several tool rights for bod members (BW and BV websites)
  • forwarded BV & BeActive aplications
  • updated BoD wiki page


  • minutes of the last meeting
  • agenda + (better linked) meeting reports page
  • took care of BV applications
  • missing NDAs for some BoD members + other volunteers
  • got admin access to www.bevolunteer.org
  • created BoD 2013-14 group

Treasurer and Vice Treasurer

  • handing over the bank account includes quite some bureaucracy, it requires documents and signatures from the president, the treasurer and the vice treasurer, e.g. a bill (electricity, gas or telecommunication) from everyone. we forward all these papers to jilrev, who has direct contact to the bank. wind is still waiting for some of the papers.

Communication Coordinators

  • Included information about new BoD into next newsletter sitatara
  • BoD wiki page completed (sitatara)
  • Community News about BoD posted (sitatara)
  • Created a "Communications Team group, started to draft a wiki page with tasks and requirements for the team (sitatara, guaka)

Volunteer Coordinators

  • I received the suggestion that the Volunteer CoC should include a link to freely available online courses in non-violent communication (not as something mandatory, just an offer). I would like to discuss this with the BoD. - sitatara --> postponed to next meeting, link would be useful to evaluate
  • There is discussion about volunteer management in the suggestions tool: http://www.bewelcome.org/suggestions/47/discuss. I posted that some of the suggestions are already implemented or planned. I am now trying to involve the members who posted there in our further steps (and to collect more suggestion). - sitatara
  • Rewrite the "Get active" page: Templanza offered to help with that. Before rewriting we need to contact all volunteer teams though and get some information from them.

Development Coordinator

no news at the moment

2. Proposals

  • chmac: Proposals
    • Find a second BoD member to "second" your proposal.
    • The proposal should clearly outline what's being suggested, and give enough information for each BoD member to vote on.
    • It should be posted here on the BoD group by the time the meeting agenda is set (one week before the meeting).
    • If BoD members have questions they should post them here on the group before the meeting.
    • Under normal circumstances, by the time of the meeting, we should be ready to simply vote on the proposal with minimal discussion.

This proposal was accepted, but a majority was in favour of no requirement for a seconder

postponed to next meeting

I'd like to form a team dedicated to spreading the BeWelcome message over the next year.

The aims of the team will be to raise the profile of BeWelcome and increase membership and engagement through activities like:

    • Reaching out to bloggers, journalists, media, etc
    • Organising and promoting local events
    • Actively seeking out opportunities to spread awareness of BW

Discussion: overlap between Communications Team and Outreach Team; Suggestion: Communications Team deals with internal communication, Outreach Team with external communication

This proposal was accepted

  • chmac: Group as our primary channel

Where possible, I'd like to propose that we use this group for our internal communication. This helps to reduce the volume of email in our inboxes and ensures we have a central record that we can all check.

If there are sensitive matters, we may need to discuss those by emails, depending on the privacy settings of the group.

As part of this, I'd like to suggest that purely administrative emails like contact form submissions and WordPress admin emails be sent to only the people who need to take action on them instead of the whole BoD. Personally, I don't need or want to know everytime somebody changes their password on the BV site.

This proposal was accepted

  • sitatara: Procedure to implement new ToU

will be further discussed and voted upon in the BoD group, results will of course be published

3. Report about accomplished tasks

  • change the email address bod@ (meinhard) DONE
  • contact sitarane about ombudsman DONE
  • contact jilrev about transfer of treasurer issues (Johannes) DONE
  • get access to documentation (Claudia) DONE and check archiving options for sensitive data IN PROGRESS
  • get access to BV website admin accounts (contact crumbking) DONE
  • validate the minutes of the last GA - IN PROGRESS

4. Pending BV applications

  • two applications were accepted, one was rejected for formal reasons (applicants will be informed by mail)

5. Applications for BeActive campaign

  • review applications --> no time and no need because we have to wait with decisions until the application deadline (1st December).

6. Other

none (no time)

7. Task list

will be followed up in the next meetings and in the group

7.1. immediate tasks

  • set up a new meeting in about 2 weeks (Claudia)
  • inform BV applicants (Claudia)
  • continue discussions and votings in the group (all)
  • approve the minutes of the GA (Callum, Johannes, Kasper, Meinhard)
  • change the group description for the Communications group (Kasper, Rima)

7.2. (longer-term) tasks (derived from the GA)

  • take care about the new wording for the 'help that project' item in the side menu (make the possibility to donate and to volunteer more visible)
  • write an emergency plan for sudden influx of members
  • get a second (and third?) server
  • set up a Spam Check Team (or have it ready once we need it)
  • review the rules for the BeActive Campaign after the first round
  • feature one volunteering team per newsletter
  • set up a job board
  • think about an organigram to visualize the working of different teams, BV and BW
  • review privacy policy (and check with lawyer)
  • explore possibilities for cooperation with other international organizations (eg. student organizations) (especially to promote BW in non-European countries)
  • explore the needs of local communities (invitation tools?)
  • decide on the need of an ombudsman and define the role in such case

Meeting ended at: 21:02 PM CET

  • approved by pablobd - Wed, 20 Nov 13 19:04:41 +0100
  • approved by sitatara - Thu, 21 Nov 13 14:11:04 +0100

Proposals for next time

(since there is no wiki page)

  • guaka: less paper/bureaucracy: accept digital signatures and scans
  • guaka: start meetings with proposals and quick votes