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Bo D Meeting 19.01.2012

Meeting started at: 19.01.2012 20.00 (CET)

Moderator: Frank

Participants: Mathias, Frank, Gilbert, Julien

Not present: Pablo


1. Motivating non-BV volunteers to become BV member

A newsletter (NL) has been drafted. It will be send out to all BW members who have volunteering rights. BV members will be encouraged to see if they know of any suitable candidates among their entourage. We will use an online application form since no "ink & paper" signature is required by law

2. Moving to a new server

We have extended the renting of the old server for another month, and are waiting for a the sysadmins to make the move to the new server.

3.Finding enough donations to cover our needs for the next year

A newsletter has been drafted for publishing in February. The donation bar ("Thermometer) should be updated to read 1000 euro a year

4. Press/Media coverage

We should try to increase awareness about BW. This could be through the use of blogs, social networks, flyers, ... We might create a topic about this in a next Newsletter.

5. Cancel beacademy.org

We have decided to cancel the domain beacademy.org that BeVolunteer owned but never used.

6. BW-Drupal update

Five devs are working on a migration from ROX to Drupal at the moment. Some more might join soon.

7. Support team

We need more volunteers for the Support Team (answering questions from members). We will write a blog/forum post to attract more volunteers, especially French-speaking ones.