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Bo D Meeting 19-08-2016

Meeting started at: August 19th 2016 17.00 CET

Participants: duesseldorf, wind, girandoliere, sammiekong, amnesiac84 the second part


Approval of last report

July Meeting unanimously accepted

BeVolunteer members

  • 3 applications

2 approved, 1 declined because of lack of 3 months volunteering

Updates by BoD-members


took a holiday break since the July BoD meeting


  • Newsletter: translation, sending, handling bouncing messages
  • Google Adwords: limited testing
  • Support Team meeting
  • Redesign: Signup page, navigation and profile (preview version now in alpha)


  • starting the first approach about recruiting campaign
  • GA. Start the "start contacting local people and try to involve them" campaign; contibute to GA2016 wiki; monitoring the potential partecipants
  • Made a draft for GA's topic: BeWelcome Anniversary
  • GA: start to built GA's activities
  • Secretary Stuffs
  • Pictures for BeVolunteer website (in progress)
  • in contact with Mods ( Mods Proposal) with NMBW and Communication Team ( Etherpad+Cloud access), co-organized a Support Team Meeting.
  • Training a new volunteer for Support Team ( in progress)
  • OTRS: give an hand about manage emails bouncing after Newsletter (in progress)


  • discussing the statutes and the rules and regulations with BeVolunteer
  • pinned post about BeActive
  • re-started discussion about vision and slogan


  • contacted potential BoD candidates
  • contacted potential volunteers and found a few volunteers for Community Team, Testing Team
  • got pauloaguia as new coodinator
  • promoted the translation of Aug newsletter and updated translation of a few languages on beactive page

volunteer coordination

  • developers: busy with writing the new code, they try to not touch the old code any more, new website online in the beginning of 2017, what to do with the old mailing list "bv-dev-discussion"?
  • testing: before the new website will be online, some intensive testing is needed, October-December
  • redesign: working closely together with dev team, new design ready in beginning of 2017
  • communication: there is quite some activity and ideas in the group, so making the group smaller worked
  • suggestion team: recently some discussions popped up in the forum, should we hide the suggestion system from the website?
  • sysadmins: task of making re-direct from bewelco.me to bewelcome.org, sysadmins got access to OVH
  • support:
  • NMBW:
  • safety:
  • moderation:
  • translation:
  • ombudsperson: now there are 2 emails for the ombudsperson and they are finally working

Forum Mod Proposal

The Forum Moderation Team. The topic is postponed due the absence's of Forum Moderators

GA 2016-2017

Short summary about next steps: who does what/timeframe.

  • Start asking report to every team's link and who takes over the task of contacting the team

timeframe: 10th September 2016

  • General BoD Report: start the work on the document.
  • Updates about the recruiting campaign: not at the moment
  • G.A.'s Activities/Logistiic: small update about the work in progress ( organitation's stuffs, activities's ideas, etc). Also other logistic stuff has to be decided.

Inactive/ supportive members

This topic will be broadly discussed in the next BoD meeting, after all discussion in the BV group. The BoD will then decide how the GA voting will be organised, which memberstatuses will be used, etc.

BeWelcome Anniversary

will be proposed on the suggestions for Agenda Ga 2016

Suggestion system

  • Prioritising the old suggestions: amnesiac84 suggests to make a shortlist (top-10) of most-needed Suggestions in the eyes of the BoD suggestions.

this could be even a topic for all members (the general forum)

  • wind has the idea to hide the suggestion feature from the website or to put an explaination, that it's not active

amnesiac84: change text on suggestion feature.

Google for No profit

amnesiac84 communicate the results of some "keyword" experiment especially in South America. Was discussed pro and versus about testing in other continents, targenting some countries in Asia and Africa. Amnesiac84 will continue investigating for present the results to the General Assembly

IDEASSuper Team+Communication with BV Group

  • amnesiac84 will present his idea about to involve more teams in the decision making process about bewelcome website. The suggestion is to start feedack in the BV group.
  • wind will present his idea about "communicating more with BV group".

Suggestion:certain topics can be moved to the BV group (besides urgent topics and confidential topics), in the end of the discussion we can make a poll to get the opinion of the BV group, anyway BoD can always override BV group, but it's good to have a more detailed opinion.

Private Meeting ended: ' 19.35