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Bo D Meeting 16.12.2009

Meeting started at: 16.12.09: 20:00 - London Time

Moderator: kiwiflave

Participants: kiwiflave jeanyves jilrev

Absent without notification: Tgoorden

Absent with notification: demorganna


Follow up on last meeting

One person has already made transaction of loan of 100 Euro. Gilbert will send reminders to the others. Aim is to finish repayment to HC friends organization until the end of 2009.

crumbking provided feedback on the testing team, sitarane on translation team, kiwiflave on communication team. Check their feedback here. Decision to invide all volunteers to Antwerp and try to organize a chat with those who can't attend. This can be followed up by a coordinators chat meeting in February.

December Newsletter

Will be prepared and sent this weekend (20.12.2009). Florian agrees to help JeanYves with preparation.

Slimming diet

Florian made draft text for new BV mainpage, to be checked by BV members and modified, if necessary.

Financial and legal issues

Current balance: PayPal 268,93 Euro, bank account: 199,52 Euro. Names updates for bank and administration under way (next week). Need to investigate further sources of income. Gilbert suggests to ask members for a donation of 10 Euro in every newsletter. Other options? Advertisment? Sponsors?

Free discussion

An invitation to all volunteers will be sent early January to join the Antwerp conference (including practical details) by Maria and/or Thomas.

Meeting ended at: 16.12.2009 London Time

Approved by Jilrev