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Bo D Meeting 14.11.2011

Meeting started at: 14.11.2011 16.30 (ART)

Moderator: none

Participants: Mathias, Frank, Julien, Pablo

Not present: Gilbert


As the first meeting of the new BoD we had some small talk to break the ice. Afterwards we discussed our roles in the BoD based on a proposal by Frank sent previously by e-mail. Julien proposed to vote on the subject of who will be the exectuve (president) of the board. Mathias made a Poll in the newly created BoD2012 group. Later that day (after the meeting) all five members voted and Frank was elected. The board then will have this roles:

  • Chairman: Frank
  • Treasurer: Gilbert
  • Secretary: Pablo
  • Ombudsman: Julien
  • Communication coordinator: Matthias

Meeting ended at: 14.11.2011 17.30 (ART)