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Bo D Meeting 13.08.2009

Meeting started at: 13.08.09: 21:00 - 22:40 CET

Moderator: demorganna

Participants: kiwiflave jeanyves demorgannaTgoorden and jilrev- only for the beginning of the meeting.

Absent without notification: -

Absent with notification: jilrev for part of the meeting


  1. '''Choosing the moderator for this and future meetings
    1. demorganna will be the default moderator but anyone else can ask to moderate in her place
  2. '''Deciding on frequency and time of regular meetings
    1. The meetings will take place on every last Thursday of the month at 21:00 CET
    2. demorganna will send reminders with suggested agendas on Mondays of the meeting weeks
  3. '''Setting priorities for this years BoD
    1. Money - solving the Monnai money issue and finishing the year with a surplus on our account - jilrev
    2. Executing the decisions taken during GA 2009 - especially the slimming diet for BV - Tgoorden
    3. Improving volunteer structure and communication between and within teams - for example by better use of group feature - jeanyves
    4. Furthering the goal of full transparency, especially by making some information more visible and accessible - this is a shared task for all BoD members. Examples include:
      1. Improved team visibility by creation of groups and keeping team member lists up to date
      2. Consolidating BV wiki into BW
      3. Better communication of what BoD is doing
  4. '''Access to necessary documentation
    1. JY will give access to bills to Gilbert and Florian
    2. In the future there is a possibility of gallery with tag "bills" within BW
    3. Gilber and JY will check what is legally and financially necessary to change the official responsible person from Frank (previous BoD) to Florian.
  5. '''Dealing with Monnai money issue
    1. We will attempt to pay back the loan of 540 euro to HC Friends association by borrowing money from BVolunteers who would like to do that.
    2. jilrev will be responsible for this task and will ensure that the money are payed to HC Friends and that they provide us with a receipt
    3. We will attempt to finish the year with enough surplus money to pay back the loan from BeVolunteers
  6. '''Server - what options are there and what potential risks to consider when going for the cheapest option
    1. The scaling down of BV.org will allow for reducing the cost of BV server
    2. jeanyves volunteered to organize (with the help of Tobias and Peter) the move for the main server to a cheaper one.
  7. Free discussion
    1. Volunteer cafe and the procedure of calling it
    2. FAQ need to be combed through - Tgoorden volunteered and will do it with the help of Claudia
    3. Minutes will be posted each time on the wiki and one of the other BoD members will approve them.

Meeting ended at: 13.08 22:40 CET

Approved by Kiwiflave 10:56, 14 August 2009 (UTC) Jeanyves 19:18, 24 September 2009 (UTC)