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Bo D Meeting 12.02.2014

This meeting did not take place due to lack of participants

Meeting started at

Participants: Claudia, Pablo

Delegation of votes: -

Approval of last report:



Quick votes / Proposals

Questions concerning the proposals should be asked before the meeting. During the meeting very short discussions can still take place if needed and then the BoD will vote about these proposals. Topics that can't be decided quickly will be postponed.The idea is to be quick with the first points to finally have time for discussions about the long term task or for giving a first feedback to new ideas of any BoD member.

Report about accomplished tasks

  • announce the eGA (Callum) DONE
  • decide on suitable channel: start a thread in the BV group (Claudia): DONE
  • finalize agenda (Kasper, Claudia, Johannes) DONE
  • set up a group (Claudia) DONE
  • start threads in eGA group (Claudia) DONE
  • contact applicant for BeActive (Claudia) DONE
  • contact BV applicant about invalid application (Pablo) DONE

Pending BeVolunteer applications

We got one application for BeVolunteer, but it did not meet the requirements (invalid) - The applicant has been informed.

extraordinary General Assembly

  • work out the polls
  • keep BV members informed as to agenda, channel, group
  • work on BoD statement for 'starting positions'


  • domain name
  • sysadmin issue
  • forum / suggestions team compromise

Task list

Immediate tasks

  • work on http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/Checklists_for_Board_of_Directors

Longer-term tasks (derived from the GA)

  • Take care about the new wording for the 'Help the project' item in the side menu (make the possibility to donate and to volunteer more visible) - in progress: Discussion started in BeWelcome communications group. Implementation depends on communications group and developers - can hopefully be finished by March 2014. - (sitatara)
  • Write an emergency plan for sudden influx of members - open - chmac, guaka take care of technical part, the Volunteer Coordinators about the volunteer part.
  • Set up a Spam Check Team (or have it ready once we need it) - open - not so urgent right now
  • Review the rules for the BeActive campaign after the first round - open - will be reviewed once the current campaign has been completed
  • Feature one volunteering team per newsletter - in progress: Discussion started in BeWelcome communications group. First newsletter featuring a volunteer team (in the form of an interview with a volunteer) will be the newsletter in February. (OPEN)
  • Set up a job board - open - The Member Communication Team is currently re-writing the Get Active page. We will first review how that helps recruiting more volunteers and afterwards discuss the necessity and feasibility of a job board. (OPEN)
  • Think about an organigram to visualize the working of different teams, BV and BW - open - Task for volunteer coordinators and member communication team. Can be dealt with after finishing the new Get Active page. Approximate time frame for publishing an organigram: April 2014. (OPEN)
  • Review Privacy Policy (and check with lawyer) - in progress: thorgal67 started a first draft and will soon (~ end of January) open a wiki page to allow more participation.
  • Explore possibilities for cooperation with other international organizations (e. g. student organizations) (especially to promote BeWelcome in non-European countries) - in progress: Discussion started in BoD group: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1709/forum/s9898-Co_operation_with_international_organisations__non_profit_ - might make sense to discuss in the BeWelcome forum to get more input. (wind)
  • Explore the needs of local communities (invitation tools?) - in progress: There will be an unconference in Lyon on this topic. (thorgal67, pablobd)
  • Decide on the need of an ombudsman and define the role in such case - in progress: An ombudsman has been appointed. The new ombudsman is user:neo82. He will start a wiki page to outline the role.

Meeting ended: CET

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