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Bo D Meeting 10.12.2013

Meeting started at 20:11 CET

Participants: chmac, claudiaab, guaka, pablobd (in the end due to technical problems represented by claudiaab), planetcruiser ( mostly represented by chmac) sitatara, wind

Approval of last report: yes


Reports from the different BoD (Board of Directors) positions

BoD positions

Vice Executive Delegate

No assistance was demanded by the Executive for any task. I helped the applicants of BeActive campaign and I focused on my other volunteer roles.


  • Contacting BV applicants
  • Contacting the leaving sysadmin
  • Otherwise regular issues like minutes, planning this meeting (will not mention those in the future)

Treasurer and Vice Treasurer

For wind bureaucracy with the bank is done, for guaka it's still in progress. Jilrev sent the PIN's by registered letter to wind, so they should arrive soon. By then we can also give detailed numbers. The first person asked already about a certificate for his donation. The bill for Hetzner was paid. Besides there is a lot discussion going on about Bitcoin.

Communication Coordinators

Member Communication Team

sitatara searched for a team coordinator for Member Communication. Thorgal67 accepted the position. He'll now try to get together a dedicated team for member communication (a new group for the "Member Communications Team" was created). The public "BeWelcome communications" group will still be used as well to get input from more members. Currently the next newsletter and changes to the donation information (as discussed by the GA) are being discussed/worked on there.

Communication about new ToU

See http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/Procedure_to_implement_new_Terms_of_Use for details on current status.

Volunteer Coordinators

BeWelcome Volunteer Coordination

pablobd and sitatara created the "BeWelcome Volunteer coordination" group and invited all teams to send one coordinator or representative to the group. Most team coordinators already joined. The two remaining ones received a reminder.

The objectives of the group are to work on the tasks the GA has set. The following topics will be worked on:

  • Presentation of all teams: Rewrite of the Get Active page and keeping it up-to-date, keeping all team pages (wikis, static pages) up-to-date.
  • Recruiting new volunteers: How can we recruit more active volunteers? What are the current needs in the teams? What are the requirements to join the teams? How should members who want to become volunteers get in touch with the teams? Should there be central point of contact or should members get in touch with the teams directly?
  • Motivation of volunteers: What are the experiences in different teams regarding the motivation and activity of their volunteers? How can we foster motivation and active collaboration in the teams?
  • Training of volunteers: Which teams require training? Which teams can take on volunteers without specific skills and background knowledge? How do teams train new volunteers? What are the experiences with that training?
  • What do the teams need from BeVolunteer/the BoD?
  • How much centralization do we want and need? Should the BoD have an overview of all volunteers working for BeWelcome? Should the BoD take care of recruiting, motivation, etc. or are these team tasks?

The first task for the group is to work on the presentation of the team. The details are described here: https://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1728/forum/s9849-Topic_1__Presentation_of_teams. All information about the teams is currently collected on a wiki page: https://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1728/wiki

Meeting with developers

Discussions on the dev mailing list showed that many devs are frustrated (some already left) and the team has split in two sub-teams (Rox and Welen) with little to no cooperation between them. Also, the approach that Welen should take was discussed very controversially. To understand the situation better and to be able to support the devs more effectively in the future, the BoD invited haiku, mikael, shevek and toub to a chat with the BoD. The meeting took place on 5th December 2013 from 16:00-18:00 ART/19:00-21:00 UTC/20:00-22:00 CET.

The following topic were on the agenda:

1. What is the most promising approach for a successful BeWelcome rewrite?

2. How can we better coordinate the needs of both Rox and Welen?

3. How can we handle the process of getting community feedback and approval without loosing developers on the way?

4. How can we make sure that, in the end, Welen is not just a kick-ass hospitality network but reflects BeVolunteers core ideas?

re 1. Opinions diverge from separate rewrite to combining development for Rox and Welen. It was agreed to "experiment" during the hackathon and see what the most promising approach is.

re 2. Closely linked to 1. Some devs will work on Rox in Symphony and thus make features more easily available for inclusion in Welen. There will also be more coordination efforts coming from the BoD with planetcruiser as Development Coordinator.

re 3. It was agreed to proceed with the previous agreement to present "big chunks" whenever the devs are ready. Try to avoid useless discussions which are only frustrating. Ignoring trolls is completely fine. Maybe the Development Coordinator can be the person negotiating between community and devs to be a sort of buffer when discussions become difficult. Additionally, we should actively try to improve communication culture in forum and dev list. However, moderation on the dev list was not wanted. Suggestion was to consult with Forum Moderators what we can do for the forums.

re 4. Not discussed in detail any more but it was agreed to stay in touch/talk more. Also the Development Coordinator can give regular feedback.

Report about accomplished tasks

  • Inform BV applicants (Claudia) DONE
  • Check archiving options for sensitive data (Claudia) IN PROGRESS
  • Validate the minutes of the last GA (General Assembly) - DONE


Procedure to implement new Terms of Use (ToU)


For details see http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/Procedure_to_implement_new_Terms_of_Use.

Discussed and voted upon in the BoD group (approved).

Analyze server situation, simplify and add flexibility


  • Write up a short overview of the current situation, including backup plan.
  • Work out some ways to simplify it.
  • BV won't shy away from getting more money (the budget was already increased at the GA to cover for better server solutions)

Proposal was unanimously approved.

Less paper/bureaucracy: accept digital signatures and scans


  • In general France is a country that accepts digital signatures http://www.feral-avocats.com/en/publications1/lettres_dinformation_en/lti_2001-2005/200505/261/legal_issues_relating_to_electronic_documents_and_signatures.html
  • Question: How can we make sure that a digital signature is valid according to these standards claudiaab - Wed, 27 Nov 13 15:45:52 +0100
  • French bank accepted scanned signatures.

Proposal was approved: 5 votes in favour; 2 abstained due to unclear legal situation.

Start meetings with proposals and quick votes


Start with "easiest" proposals first. If a proposal takes more time than expected, move it to later (possibly next BoD meeting).

Proposal was approved: 4:3

Welen: nice and clear message to folks at hackathon


There will be about 10 people working on Welen at the Lisbon Hackathon. Let's send them a nice, short and clear message from the BoD.

Proposal was unanimously approved.

Votes and majorities - handling for everyday BoD issues


All BoD members try to vote, even if the necessary majority has already been reached. Sometimes the 5th, 6th or 7th BoD member can give an important argument that might even make others reconsider their votes. Since, however, it is sometimes not possible for all BoD members to cast their vote, I would suggest the following procedure for decisions that don't require a certain deadline:

When making informal decisions, and deciding on BeVolunteer membership applications, the following process will be used by email or on the BoD group.

  • Once a simple majority of 4 has been reached: wait for two more days to give everybody the chance to speak up / vote
  • Once a majority of 5: wait one more day
  • Once a majority of 6: we can proceed immediately

(BV membership applications will still need formal approval in the next BoD meeting, but applicants can already be contacted)

Proposal was approved: 6:1 with the suggestion to add this to the "Rules and Regulations" in order to make it more official.

Accept BTC, very fast


There are different ways of doing this:

1. Do it ourselves, create a wallet, etc.

2. Through bitpay

a. Turn BTC into EUR, through one of the exchanges

b. Keep BTC

Proposal was unanimously approved with the restriction to convert BTC to EUR immediately. The question whether we can accept anonymous donations or not should still be clarified --> task for Treasurer + Vice Treasurer.

Having one transparent and open BoD meeting


Having the minutes and all this stuff is really good for transparency, but I think people want to imagine, how a BoD meeting goes. So I would propose to make the next BoD meeting in January transparent. As we are settled already a bit, shouldn't be a problem for us to have some followers.

Proposal was approved: 5:2. We will take 30 minutes in private to handle sensitive issues like BV applications etc. Then at 20:30 CET have the public part, open for reading along (not for joining the discussion).

Pending BeVolunteer applications

We welcome one new BV member. Two additional applications were not formally complete. These two applicants will receive informal feedback about their application.

Applications for BeActive campaign

We received 4 applications. 2 of them had a clear budget and goal and full funding was unanimously approved. The remaining 2 projects still lack some detail. We want to support both projects and will contact the members to provide the missing data till the end of January. We will then decide how to allocate the remaining money of the BeActive fund.

Details: http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/BeActive#line74


Get a second (and third?) server

Very urgent task since lamb will be switched off on 14th December 2013.

The BoD members agreed to trust Callum, Meinhard and Kasper to find a good solution and manage this issue. We will also need a new sysadmin. Kasper will take care of looking for one first in the mailing list of the BW developers, then through other means

Discussion culture

We discussed about how the sometimes harsh tone scares away active volunteers or prevents potential volunteers to even join. Every member of the BoD should be very sensitive to this issue and we should try to change the discussion culture to a more positive one in chats, forums, groups and mailing list. Ideally other volunteers will copy the example.

Task list

Immediate tasks

  • Send the nice and friendly message to the hackathon people (Claudia)
  • Find out about anonymous donations (ask Jean-Yves and Gilbert) (Kasper + Johannes)
  • Contact applicants for the BeActive campaign (Claudia + Pablo)
  • Set up a new meeting for mid January (Claudia)
  • Inform BV applicants (Claudia)
  • Continue discussions and votings in the group (all)
  • Provide the link + information about non-violent communication in the group (Rima)
  • Take care of the server situation (Kasper, Meinhard, Callum)
    • Analyze the current situation
    • Get a new server (or more)
    • Look for a new sysadmin (Kasper)

Longer-term tasks (derived from the GA)

  • Take care about the new wording for the 'Help the project' item in the side menu (make the possibility to donate and to volunteer more visible) - in progress: discussion started in BeWelcome communications group (sitatara)
  • Write an emergency plan for sudden influx of members - open
  • Set up a Spam Check Team (or have it ready once we need it) - open
  • Review the rules for the BeActive campaign after the first round - open
  • Feature one volunteering team per newsletter - in progress: discussion started in BeWelcome communications group (sitatara)
  • Set up a job board - Task for Volunteer Coordinators and Member Communication Team. First all volunteer teams need to update their team information (Volunteer Coordination). Then The Member Communication Team can re-write the Get Active page and start drafting a job board. (sitatara)
  • Think about an organigram to visualize the working of different teams, BV and BW - same as previous point- (sitatara)
  • Review Privacy Policy (and check with lawyer) - In progress: thorgal67 offered to start a first draft.
  • Explore possibilities for cooperation with other international organizations (eg. student organizations) (especially to promote BW in non-European countries) Discussion started in BoD group: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1709/forum/s9898-Co_operation_with_international_organisations__non_profit_ - might make sense to discuss in the BW forum to get more input
  • Explore the needs of local communities (invitation tools?) - in progress (thorgal67, pablobd)
  • Decide on the need of an ombudsman and define the role in such case - in progress: Discussion started in the BoD group: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1709/forum/s9831-Ombudsman

Meeting ended at: 22:48 CET

Approved by: sitatara - Fri, 13 Dec 13 18:10:41 +0100 Approved by: guaka - Sat, 28 Dec 13 23:19:21 +0100