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Bo D Meeting 10.06.2013

.Meeting started at: 16.10 ART

Participants: manuel, gilbert, frank, pablo

moderator: frank


Review of previous to do list

1. Contact our generous donator: Done, he is happy to contribute

2. Next volunteer cafe: we will draft a couple of dates and times, and let the volunteers vote using an online tool to decide final date. this is pending.

3. Create an updated NDA: this was Done. Feedback from a French lawyer: Digital documents are legal in France. Nevertheless is not clear if not having the original would be the most safe option, therefore the printed version with the handwritten signature will be asked aswell.

4. Donations for support to Local Events: A forum thread was created to discuss the proposal in the BV group. Some input was received, no objections. A donation campaign will be started. The donation page will be updated first.

5. Next GA: create a doodle to fix the date. Done, 13 people have responded. A reminder will be sent.

6. Data retention: French authorities demand 1 year, it will be comunicated to dev team.
Dev team should add this to the next milestone. ToU will need an update. This is pending.

7. Continue working on TOU: BoD Group. This is pending. A work page is being used http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/Terms_of_Use_-_Workpage But the work seems to need a diferent aproach. A skype conference will be scheduled to finish this task.

8. Giving the safety team more rights. The site growth demands more work for the team, and they need proper tools for the task. The BoD agrees on this, the team members will have to sign the new NDA.

Meeting ended: 17.50 ART

Approved by: crumbking - Mon, 10 Jun 13 23:01:08 +0200