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Bo D Meeting 07.01.2014

NOTE: This will be a working document as long as it has not been approved by at least two other BoD members

Meeting started at 20:05 CET (private part) and 20:30 CET (public part)

Participants: Callum, Claudia, Johannes, Kasper, Rima

Guests: beatnick, cristianos, simison, platschi, thorgal67, railslide, neo82, matthias, shevek, sam_r

Delegation of votes: Pablo to Claudia, Meinhard to Callum

Approval of last report: yes


Note: From 20:00 to 20:30 CET the BoD dealt with sensitive issues in a private meeting, from 20:30 on the meeting was public - read only, with participation of individual guests on certain points and an open part at the end of the meeting, when everybody could ask questions and join the discussion

Quick votes / Proposals

Questions concerning the proposals should be asked before the meeting. During the meeting very short discussions can still take place if needed and then the BoD will vote about these proposals. Topics that can't be decided quickly will be postponed.The idea is to be quick with the first points to finally have time for discussions about the long term task or for giving a first feedback to new ideas of any BoD member.

Encourage SEPA/IBAN, discourage paypal

Encourage SEPA/IBAN payments, discourage Paypal (mention the 4% fee and add the example of 28 cents fee for a 1 euro donation)

This proposal was unanimously approved.

Proposal: Guidelines for conflict handling

Send out guidelines to volunteers about how to deal with conflicts in the BeWelcome forum.

This proposal was unanimously approved with the request to add a synopsis to it.

Proposal: Ombudsperson for Bewelcome

Vote on the proposed ombudsperson.

''This proposal was unanimously approved, neo82 will be the ombudsperson for BeWelcome. He will start a wikipage to outline this role a bit more'.'

Report about accomplished tasks

  • Send a nice and friendly message to the hackathon people (Claudia) DONE
  • Find out about anonymous donations (ask Jean-Yves and Gilbert) (Kasper + Johannes) - According to Kasper anonymous donations only get problematic if there is a total budget bigger than 10,000 EUR, but we will put this question on a list of legal issues we need to bring up with a lawyer. Additional clarifiation: clearly this is mostly hypothetical and only a potential problem if a large part of this budegt is donated anonymously, e.g. 5.000+ EUR and then used for something of which the non-profit nature is debatable (flights, housing costs).
  • Contact applicants for the BeActive campaign (Claudia + Pablo) DONE
  • Inform BV applicants (Claudia) DONE
  • Provide the link + information about non-violent communication in the group (Rima) DONE
  • Take care of the server situation (Kasper, Meinhard, Callum)
    • A new VPS server has been ordered by Meinhard. Lamb can stay up for another week or 2, Meinhard has offered to set up the new server and to create an overview.
    • Look for a new sysadmin (Kasper) - The search has been extended to Twitter, Facebook and might make it to the community news on BeWelcome.

Other Proposals

Invite the Forum Moderators to a chat with (part of?) the BoD

Create even more awareness of how important the tone in the forum is and how inacceptable slander and attacks of volunteers are. Brainstorm about how to ensure a friendly and respectful atmosphere. Also show the forum moderators appreciation and support for their work.

Since there was a majority that this issue does not need to be voted on, Claudia, Rima or Pablo will contact the forum moderators to suggest a chat.

Pending BeVolunteer applications


Legal situation: Can (part of) BeWelcome be sold by BeVolunteer?

This issue was brought up in the forum and needs some clarification. The question is whether we spend money on a lawyer for reliable information or whether we adapt the statutes and add a paragraph that clearly rules this scenario out (we will still have to pay administrative fees for a change of statutes and we will have to call for an extraordinary General Assembly to do so).

After a lengthy discussion about whether or not the unlikely case needs to be ruled out (by changing the statutes with or without legal advice), we decided to discuss this issue some more with all BeVolunteer members in the BeVolunteer group http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/94


Domain registrations

A BV member asked if we can register the BV and BW domains in the name of BV (instead of the name of an individual BV member). This needs clarification.

It is possible to change the name but not actually transfer the domain right now. There was a consensus that no action needs to be taken on this.

Logging admin access to private mailboxes

A BV member asked if we are logging admin access to member mailboxes. This needs clarification.

It is not possible to log this right now, but all volunteers with access have signed an NDA.

Problems in volunteer coordination

Report about the current status of efforts in volunteer coordination, discuss possible solutions to problems.

This issue was discussed in the private part of the meeting. It will be further discussed by e-mail.

Assign responsibilities and time-frames for long-term tasks

It was suggested that we go though the list of long-term tasks and assign responsibilities and time-frames for each task.

The BoD doesn't think that strict time frames are necessary as long as the open tasks are being worked on. For more information about the status of all tasks see below.

Questions from guests

  • When will there be a donation campaign?
    • The donation page needed some updates and the donations campaign will start after these updates ion 8th January 2014.
      • sitatara: I asked the treasurers to please delay this for a week. The changes on the donation page need to be translated as well first.
  • How can developpers best be invited to a hackathon in Greece?
    • The invitation has been passed on to the participants of the hackathon in Lisbon and to the dev mailing list
    • Since developpers for Welen will probably not have resources and energy to join, a 'workathon' was suggested instead: invite another team: translators, designers...

Task list

Immediate tasks

  • start donation campaign (Johannes)
  • change text for the donation page (Kasper, Johannes)
  • invite forum moderators for a chat (Claudia, Rima, Pablo)
  • start a list for legal questions for whenever we have to consult a lawyer (Claudia)
  • start a post about the legal situation (can BV sell BW) in the BeVolunteer group (?)
  • contact matthias to fix the payment of servers (Johannes)
  • add synopsis to guidelines for conflict handling and then publish the guidelines (Rima)
  • make sure new ToU take effect on 11th January with all technical implications (Rima)

Longer-term tasks (derived from the GA)

  • Take care about the new wording for the 'Help the project' item in the side menu (make the possibility to donate and to volunteer more visible) - in progress: Discussion started in BeWelcome communications group. Implementation depends on communications group and developers - can hopefully be finished by March 2014. - (sitatara)
  • Write an emergency plan for sudden influx of members - open - chmac, guaka take care of technical part, the Volunteer Coordinators about the volunteer part.
  • Set up a Spam Check Team (or have it ready once we need it) - open - not so urgent right now
  • Review the rules for the BeActive campaign after the first round - open - will be reviewed once the current campaign has been completed
  • Feature one volunteering team per newsletter - in progress: Discussion started in BeWelcome communications group. First newsletter featuring a volunteer team (in the form of an interview with a volunteer) will be the newsletter in February. (sitatara)
  • Set up a job board - open - The Member Communication Team is currently re-writing the Get Active page. We will first review how that helps recruiting more volunteers and afterwards discuss the necessity and feasibility of a job board. (sitatara)
  • Think about an organigram to visualize the working of different teams, BV and BW - open - Task for volunteer coordinators and member communication team. Can be dealt with after finishing the new Get Active page. Approximate time frame for publishing an organigram: April 2014. (sitatara)
  • Review Privacy Policy (and check with lawyer) - in progress: thorgal67 started a first draft and will soon (~ end of January) open a wiki page to allow more participation.
  • Explore possibilities for cooperation with other international organizations (e. g. student organizations) (especially to promote BeWelcome in non-European countries) - in progress: Discussion started in BoD group: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1709/forum/s9898-Co_operation_with_international_organisations__non_profit_ - might make sense to discuss in the BeWelcome forum to get more input. (wind)
  • Explore the needs of local communities (invitation tools?) - in progress: There will be an unconference in Lyon on this topic. (thorgal67, pablobd)
  • Decide on the need of an ombudsman and define the role in such case - in progress: An ombudsman has been appointed. The new ombudsman is user:neo82. He will start a wiki page to outline the role by mid January.

Meeting ended at: 22:44 CET

Approved by:

  • sitatara - Wed, 08 Jan 14 11:09:53 +0100
  • guaka - Tue, 28 Jan 14 15:28:15 +0100