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Bo D Meeting 04.12.2014

Meeting started at: Dec 4th, 2014, 19:03 CET

Participants: duesseldorf, amnesiac84, OctoberTales, wind

Present online: duesseldorf, amnesiac84, OctoberTales, wind


Approval of last report

The only current BoD member who was present at the last BoD-meeting approves the report, and therefore the BoD approves the report.

Pending BeVolunteer applications

  • One application
    • all conditions met
    • no objections
    • approved and Welcome to BeVolunteer!

Review of the Suggestion Tools

  • Outcome of the poll:
    • 64.7% "have a review done by mountx together with the BoD and with support of the suggestion team"
  • The vote confirmed the outcome of the GA. The BoD will ask mountx to start a review.

Define further roles/tasks/vision for Development and Team Coordinator

Team Coordinator


  • Role/vision:
    • Make sure all teams have the people they need
    • People who want to volunteer should easily find a task that fits them, or a point/person to start
  • Tasks:
    • priority: update Get Active page
      • rename to Help BeWelcome
      • add NMBW Team
      • add texts from teams
      • small design changes
      • add contact persons (Team Coordinators)
    • update Who Does What wiki
    • job board implementation
    • Gather information from all non-development teams to update the BoD about the work and initiatives within BeWelcome
    • Actively check if volunteers want to join another team (once every 3 months)
    • Continuous contact with the Volunteer Coordinator

Development Coordinator


  • Role / vision:
    • Create overview in the work of the development teams and individual initiatives
  • Tasks:
    • Look for more developers and guide them in the beginning (and find someone who can do this for a longer term > project coordinator / manager)
    • Gather information from all development teams to update the BoD about the work and initiatives within BeWelcome
    • Start a review and start a process concerning the design for BeWelcome

Reports from teams

  • Nothing to report at this moment.
  • Since the BoD is new and interested, we ask the teams to send some information about the team (work) 2 weeks before every BoD-meeting to get the information and know what we are talking about.
  • The Team Coordinator and Development Coordinator will gather information from the different teams and report all significant information periodically to the BoD.


  • BeWelcome/BeVolunteer was offered a headquarters.

It is a very interesting offer. BeWelcome sees no use for a permanent official physical headquarters, because of administrative reasons. Being registered in France, an official HQ cannot be in Germany. However, it could be interesting to have a fixed location available for BeWelcome, depending on the conditions. The BoD keeps in contact with the member offering.


  • the next donation campaign should start on January 1st 2015, unless it's possible to show the banner on the bottom of the front page.
  • add a link to last official report on the donation page
  • We are waiting for PayPal to reply on the application for non-profits. BoD sends a reminder to PayPal
  • wind will check all possibilities for paying the server

Cooperation requests

  • general offer from Homestay
    • declined by the BoD

Communication channels for BeWelcome teams

  • BoD agrees that using open source communication channels would be good.
  • BoD asks system admins about the impact of an installation as Mumble (voice transmission) (extra server / data use) and discuss further in January
  • BoD asks system admins to install Etherpad (online editing) on the server

Next BoD meeting

  • January 14th, 2015
    • 19:00 CET - private BoD meeting
    • 21:00 CET - public chat on the BeVolunteer freenode channel

Private Meeting ended: 21:30

Public IRC chat started: 21:30 Public IRC chat ended: 22:20