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Bo D Meeting 04.03.2014

Meeting started at 21:02 CET

Participants: claudiaab, wind

iBoD - consultative members: duesseldorf, railslide, thorgal67, mahouni200000

Present online: beatnick, cmac, horatio, juliper, meinhard, pedalr,

Approval of last report: -



Report about accomplished tasks


  • announce the eGA (Callum) DONE
  • decide on suitable channel: start a thread in the BV group (Claudia): DONE
  • finalize agenda (Kasper, Claudia, Johannes) DONE
  • set up a group (Claudia) DONE
  • start threads in eGA group (Claudia) DONE
  • contact applicant for BeActive (Claudia) DONE
  • contact BV applicant about invalid application (Pablo) DONE
  • chat with iBoD and new dev coordinator James_oder_dave DONE
  • detailed task list for BoD mostly based on the last GA (sitatara for iBoD) DONE
  • outlining the position of Volunteer Coordinator in BV forum (sitatara for iBoD) DONE

Pending BeVolunteer applications

Pending BeVolunteer applications will have to wait till after the elections of a new BoD. There is one pending application, the applicant has been informed about the delay.

eGA 2

  • eGA_2_2014
  • date: chat sessions to ask questions to the BoD candidates: Sunday, March 23rd 19:00 CET, Tuesday, March, 25th 21:00 CET; polls (elections): Tuesday, March 25th - Friday, March 28th
  • BoD candidates: So far there are only two candidates, having at least two more candidates would be good. In the long run we need to increase the member base of BV to have more potential candidates. For now we decided to combine the message to BV members informing about eGA2 with a call to run for BoD.
  • expectations of BoD members: The thread started in the BV group was meant to prevent BoD members to droup out later on, because they underestimated the task, but it might also scare away potential candidates.

Development Team

  • Dev Coordinator: James_oder_Dave agreed to help out as a Development Coordinator till the BoD elections and possibly longer. The chat with iBoD and him went well, there are a lot of loose ends to pick up;
  • Dev Team situation:
    • Welen: is inactive since after the Lisbon hackathon. Hackathon organizer mikael resigned, Welen coordinator haiku does not see much of a perspective for welen anymore; The plan is to contact all of the past welen devs and see, whether they might return and under what circumstances; We are unclear at the moment, how far welen has progressed and how much effort would be needed to replace Rox;

IT people present (horatio) also questioned using symfony for a project like BeWelcome;

    • Rox: there is some activity again: bug fixing, new search is in the pipeline, several people are working on the 2.4 release and several are busy finding alternatives for our map tiles;
  • sysadmin issue: hkroger is ready to start, planetcruiser will give him access to the server; possibly Hannu, Meinhard and James can move to the new servers end of March;


  • domain name: Some transfer needs to be made, claudiaab still has to find out details and pass them on to Callum
  • forum / suggestions team compromise
    • background: the suggestions tool was created by using the forum structure, however, devx did not go completely into the architecture, which means that the moderation tools that came AFTER the initial tool, do not work for the suggestions tool; and it is controversial to ban members from suggestions tool who have been banned on the forum, however it's not acceptable that members banned from the forum use the suggestions tool as a platform to continue their bad forum behaviour;
    • compromise between forum and suggestions team:
      • all posts in suggestion tool by members who are banned from the BW forum are premoderated; This premoderation tool will only affect banned members, devs have agreed to program it ;
    • criticism: a lot of dev effort for a very small number (currently 2-3 per year, only one longer than 7 days) of members; however, programming effort is needed anyway: either to extend the forum ban to the suggestions tool or to make a premoderation tool for the suggestions tool.
    • > iBoD accepted the compromise about premoderation under the following conditions:
      • premoderation is only to be used as a temporary measurement as long as a forum ban is valid
      • forum moderators handle the premoderation of posts in the suggestions tool
      • rules about premoderation have to be published
  • data mining: yepkio volunteered to do some research with data mining; he will get anonymized data for this from shevek, he has already signed an NDA; we would like him to start a wiki page so that people can contribute by adding and discussing relevant questions and goals
  • activity in Bewelcome/ especially host-guest experiences
    • some more statistics of the use of the BW site would be useful
    • implementing http://www.bewelcome.org/suggestions/60/rank would help for this
  • maps on BeWelcome
    • so far we have used OSM and for the map tiles the provider cloudmade. Cloudmade have informed us that their service will no longer be free, so we will have find out, if there are still free deals for NPOs; If not, we need to find an alternative provider; we will trust the devs with this issue (esp. crumbking, toub)

Task list

Immediate tasks

  • write a call for BoD candidates and announcement of eGA2 (Claudia)
  • work on http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/Checklists_for_Board_of_Directors (mahouni200000)
  • inform shevek about decision on premoderation tool (Claudia)
  • ask yepkio to start a wiki page for his data mining project (Claudia)
  • checking out the state of http://www.bewelcome.org/suggestions/60/rank (hospitality requests) (Claudia)
  • send message to cloudmade (Claudia)
  • Set up polls for new BoD election thorgal67
  • Starting a thread in the BV group about defining the tasks for Communication Coordination. - thorgal67
  • Starting a first visualization draft of the organigram. - mahouni200000

Longer-term tasks (derived from the GA)

  • Take care about the new wording for the 'Help the project' item in the side menu (make the possibility to donate and to volunteer more visible) - in progress: Discussion started in BeWelcome communications group. Implementation depends on communications group and developers - can hopefully be finished by March 2014. - (sitatara)
  • Write an emergency plan for sudden influx of members - open - chmac, guaka take care of technical part, the Volunteer Coordinators about the volunteer part.
  • Set up a Spam Check Team (or have it ready once we need it) - open - not so urgent right now
  • Review the rules for the BeActive campaign after the first round - open - will be reviewed once the current campaign has been completed
  • Feature one volunteering team per newsletter - in progress: Discussion started in BeWelcome communications group. First newsletter featuring a volunteer team (in the form of an interview with a volunteer) will be the newsletter in February. (OPEN)
  • Set up a job board - open - The Member Communication Team is currently re-writing the Get Active page. We will first review how that helps recruiting more volunteers and afterwards discuss the necessity and feasibility of a job board. (OPEN)
  • Think about an organigram to visualize the working of different teams, BV and BW - open - Task for volunteer coordinators and member communication team. Can be dealt with after finishing the new Get Active page. Approximate time frame for publishing an organigram: April 2014. (OPEN)
  • Review Privacy Policy (and check with lawyer) - in progress: thorgal67 started a first draft and will soon (~ end of January) open a wiki page to allow more participation.
  • Explore possibilities for cooperation with other international organizations (e. g. student organizations) (especially to promote BeWelcome in non-European countries) - in progress: Discussion started in BoD group: http://www.bewelcome.org/groups/1709/forum/s9898-Co_operation_with_international_organisations__non_profit_ - might make sense to discuss in the BeWelcome forum to get more input. (wind)
  • Explore the needs of local communities (invitation tools?) - in progress: There will be an unconference in Lyon on this topic. (thorgal67, pablobd)
  • Decide on the need of an ombudsman and define the role in such case - in progress: An ombudsman has been appointed. The new ombudsman is user:neo82. He will start a wiki page to outline the role.

Meeting ended: 23:20 CET

approved by: Railslide - Sat, 15 Mar 14 11:26:36 +0100 duesseldorf - Sun, 16 Mar 14 19:48:01 +0100