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Bo D Meeting 02.09.2014

Meeting started at 21:32 CEST

Participants: claudiaab, railslide, wind

Present online: girandoliere, shevek, Keith_Partridge, thorgal67, libertedeparole

Approval of last report: yes


Report about accomplished tasks

  • Starting a first visualization draft of the organigram. - (OPEN, move to Longer-term tasks)
  • find dates for GA and check availability through BV-members group and framadate (claudiaab) IN PROGRESS
  • organize follow-up meeting with sysadmins (claudiaab) - first attempt failed, will try again
  • start a thread for the new newsletter (thorgal67) - OPEN
  • contact pablobd about an informal meeting with the new translation team coordinators (claudiaab) DONE
  • clarify the procedure of selecting a date for the GA in the forum thread (location beats majority) (Railslide) OPEN
  • contact Octobertales about refunding BeActive campaign (claudiaab) DONE
  • post in Dev list about ammappalitalia (claudiaab) - OPEN

Pending BeVolunteer applications


reports from teams

Translation Team

  • coordination is not settled yet, pablobd is looking for a team of translators to coordinate translation tasks together; he posted about it in the translation group

Communication Team

  • some topics have been covered in the community news
  • work on next newsletter should start very soon
  • efforts on a rewrite of the Get active page and or a job board should be boosted

Legal Team

  • libertedeparole (David) agreed to review the BV statutes
  • he also agreed to coordinate a volunteer team dealing with statutes and similar topics
  • we will provide David with a list of tricky points and uncertainties that came up in the last period

Software Development Team and Testing Team

  • unfortunately activity decreased again. At the moment there's only one active programmer. Testing Team is not active so the new release can't be tested.
  • a call for new programmers and testers should be posted in a) Community News and b) the general forum


  • feature one volunteer team, probably New Member Bewelcome Team, possibly with an interview

Organizing the GA

  • currently there are three possible dates and three locations (Italy, Greece, Belgium)
  • framadate or poll feature on BW is to be used for voting about the location and the date; explanation that the 'voting' is just about giving the BoD an idea of participation to be expected should be included
  • start inactive member procedure
  • contact teams for annual report
  • draft annual report
  • start call for new BoD candidates



  • so far none of the three applicants really claimed any reimbursement, but we are still in contact with octobertales (unconference lyon) about this
  • plan to adapt the rules for BeActive for next period:
    • allow funding of food e.g. for hackathons (with a limitation per person per day)
    • drop any deadlines but allow applications any time; once the funds are used up, no more applicants are accepted and a new BeActive donation campaig is started
  • changes of the BeActive rules are to be approved by the GA
  • funds not used in this period should be used for BeActive in the next period; No BeActive donation campaign should be started before the funds are used

treasurer forward, rights for our sysadmin

  • the forward of treasurer mails does not work at the moment. Since the previous treasurer jilrev still gets all mails, we should ask him to set up an automatic forward to wind from his side
  • planetcruiser should be asked to solve this issue and to help moving the last services away from ecobytes
  • hkroger needs to be asked, what exactly we need from planetcruiser for this


  • bewelcome.com will soon be transferred to bevolunteer
  • we still need to decide, whether we want an automatic redirect to bewelcome.org or rather display a message that bewelcome is not a .com and explain the concept a bit

admin page for Safety Team

  • shevek programmed an admin page to facilitate handling spam profiles. It needs some more testing like the rest of the new release
  • an adapted version of the admin page might be useful for New Member BeWelcome Team, too

criticism of the forum moderators' position on anti-zionism vs. anti-semitism

  • somebody posted in the international politics group about boycotting coca cola because they are zionists; somebody else complained about antisemitic tendencies in that thread. There was a discussion in the BV group about the whole issue and forum mods explained their position: anti-zionism is not the same as anti-semitism
  • forum mods have not found a clear violation of ToU or forum rules; it could be that there is anti-semitism behind the anti-zionist statements, but this is speculative; the person has repeatedly stated that he is not anti-semitic; he has recently deleted his profile
  • at least implicitly there was criticism about the BoD not taking a position in this
  • so far nobody has approached the BoD appealing the forum mods' decision; the BoD decided not to take a position without a formal appeal
  • apart from appealing with the BoD an appeal with the GA is possible

Task list

Immediate tasks

  • start thread about new newsletter and bump threads about 'get active page' (thorgal67)
  • provide list for revision of statutes (claudiaab)
  • post a call for programmer/ testing volunteers on general forum (shevek)
  • framadate or poll feature for voting about the GA location and date - running for 10 days (claudiaab)
  • start inactive member procedure (claudiaab)
  • contact teams for annual report (claudiaab)
  • draft annual report (claudiaab, railslide, wind)
  • start call for new BoD candidates (railslide, after location and date is fixed)
  • work on adapting the BeActive rules (claudiaab, railslide, wind)
  • contact planetcruiser and hkroger about treasurer forward and moving away from ecobytes (claudiaab)
  • organize follow-up meeting with sysadmins (claudiaab)
  • clarify the procedure of selecting a date for the GA in the forum thread (location beats majority) (Railslide)
  • post in Dev list about ammappalitalia (claudiaab)

Longer-term tasks (derived from the GA)

  • Starting a first visualization draft of the organigram.
  • Take care about the new wording for the 'Help the project' item in the side menu
  • Set up a Spam Check Team (or have it ready once we need it) - open - not so urgent right now
  • Review the rules for the BeActive campaign after the first round - open - will be reviewed once the current campaign has been completed IN PROGRESS
  • Feature one volunteering team per newsletter - (OPEN)
  • Set up a job board - open - Communication Team (OPEN)
  • Think about an organigram to visualize the working of different teams, BV and BW - open
  • Review Privacy Policy (and check with lawyer) - in progress: thorgal67 started a first draft

Meeting ended: 00:05 CEST

approved by: wind - Sat, 27 Sep 14 12:09:35 +0200