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Bo D Meeting 01.10.2013

.Meeting started at: 16:12 ART

Participants: Frank, Gilbert, Manuel, Pablo

moderator: Frank


1. Ask for candidates for the BoD. This was done.

Deadline for candidates is Saturday 2 November at 23:59 CET.

To do: Contact BV members to invite them. Send out a general reminder to all BV members, telling them of the urgency to fill the legal minimum.

2. To do: Volunteer Cafe : prepare dates and time and communicate them. coordinate the cafe.

this was not done, to do for the next month.

3. the new NDA: Several have been sent and signed by volunteers. To do: All the teams that have access to anyone that can see non-public info will be asked to sign, acording to their rights and levels of access.

this is almost done, receiving digital (uploaded to bv server) and printed copies.

4. Donations for support to Local Events. The donation page was updated. To do: Finish the guidelines. Start a thread in the communications forum about brainstorming about a new NL

The guidelines were finalized. A timeline for next tasks was set. The campaign will be called "Be Active!" http://www.bewelcome.org/wiki/BeActive the donation campaign will be launched oct 2.

Work on new newsletter is also being started, aming to send it before end of the year.

5. Send final draft for the new ToU to lawyer => DONE and submit to BV members for the GA aproval.

The draft was sent to the lawyer. deadline is october 10.

6. Answering questions about statistics: Give template to support team asking for detailed description. This was done.

7. Organising/supporting a Hackaton Some non-developer members proposed to volunteer organizing a hackaton to make Welen. To do: ask the main welen developers if they agree. This was done. They agree and will manage it.

8. Preparing for next GA. To do: a budget, get feedback from all the team, the annual report, first letter for active/supportive members

The treasurer will prepare a budget draft. Costs for a new additional server will be researched.

The annual report is being redacted. We already received feedback from some teams. The letter will be sent on october 2.

todo: create a pad to colaborate in the annual report. ask communications and design for feedback

9. bottleneck of sys admins. this will be added to the GA agenda.

Meeting ended: 17.37 ART

Approved by: thorgal67 - Tue, 01 Oct 13 23:05:08 +0200