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Being a good host

Before your guests arrive

  • Check first with other people you might live with
  • Communicate clearly with your guests about when they are going to arrive and leave
  • Exchange alternative mean of contacts (cellphone, email, etc.)
  • Make sure your guests know how to reach your place or wherever you agreed to meet
  • Make sure your guests are aware of your schedule and house rules. Being detailed about it in your profile is a good way to reduce the risk of misunderstandings.

During your guests' stay

  • Be welcoming and make your guests feel at home
  • Organize your schedule in order to have some time to spend with your guests
  • Do not ignore your guests and try to involve them in the conversation as much as possible. Do not whisper, and avoid speaking in front of your guests in a language that they do not understand
  • Do not be derogatory, impatient or dismissive about your guests or their children. Be clear and polite instead, so to avoid potential misunderstandings.
  • Learn from your guests: be respectfully curious about their lives, their background or their culture. However, avoid asking unsolicited personal questions which could make them uncomfortable.
  • Say thank you
  • Share laughters

After your guests leave

Leave a comment: hospitality exchange works because people can trust others. That's why it's important to leave a comment. If you have a bad experience, this is even more important, although it might be more difficult. However, keep also in mind that there is a difference between not getting on with your guests compared to them doing something seriously wrong.

Just remember that other members depend on you leaving honest comments respecting the comment guidelines