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Note that this is a page full of ideas for affiliations. It might not reflect the current reality in BW'

Some of us may regularly buy some stuff on the net: books, flights and who knows what. Why not transforming these buying in an income for BeVolunteer? It's an easy way for a volunteer to make a small gift to BV, without spending anything (more).

So the idea is: if you, volunteer, have something to buy on the net, think about BeVolunteer and do it from these links! Just check that it gives you a similar price that other places, and if it's ok, make a gift to BV ;-)

We don't extend this possibility to BeWelcome members nor promote it a lot, since this income has not been tested yet and could bring a commercial feeling which has nothing to see with our conception of BW. But YOU can understand... no bad intentions, just a way to get some extra income for the project, if it works.

Working affiliations:

Affiliations opened but not tested yet

  • Amazon: You can buy especially books, music, video, electronics. We get up to 10%.

Affiliations to be created:

(accounts to be opened by our Treasurer)

  • Check http://www.affiliateseeking.com/ for more
  • Check http://www.freebyte.com/makemoney/#affiliate_programs for more