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Accessibility is important. We want BeWelcome to be inclusive. So our websites is accessible to blind people.

Current issues

  • http://www.bewelcome.org/forums/s5921 Unaccessible button to add photo

WACG 2.0

WCAG 2.0 is the main standard to follow but unfortunately the documentation at W3C is somewhat convoluted. That's why we try to create a more readable overview of what we need to know to make and keep our site accessible to most people.

WCAG: three levels

Level A: eliminate major accessibility barriers.

Level AA: a very good level of accessibility.

Level AAA: very meticulous.

BeWelcome should first get level A compliance, then work on AA and keep AA. AAA is probably a bit too far stretched. The current system, Rox is outdated so we can only patch up basic functionality so that our blind users can still use basic functionality of the site, which might be level A compliance.

There is work going on a large rewrite of everything, it would be good to get level AA compliance right from the start. On this page we should create an overview of what this implies. It's probably mainly a front-end issue though if there are back-end consequences we should work these out as soon as possible.

WCAG: four principles

Principle 1: Perceivable

  • Text Alternatives: e.g. alt attributes for images
  • Time-based Media
  • Adaptable
  • Distinguishable

Principle 2: Operable

  • Keyboard Accessible
  • Enough Time
  • Seizures
  • Navigable

Principle 3: Understandable

  • Readable
  • Predictable
  • Input Assistance

Principle 4: Robust

  • Compatible


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