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Meeting started at: 20:00

Moderator: JeanYves

Participants: Claudiaa, Jonas, Marco, JeanYves, Frank

Absent without notification: Gerrit ?

Absent with notification: Hannu, PierreCharles


  • next moderator: Claudia

poll: permanent or changing moderator? Question still open. It looks like Marco, Jonas have not yet moderated (personal note of JeanYves Hannu was not there so we forget him). No conclusion for permanent moderator, the role of moderator has been reminded :

  • moderator makes the agenda
  • drive the discussion (to avoid it to go in every direction)
  • moderator write the minutes of the meeting
  • pending applications: Pietertje , accepted
  • programmers: report, decision about how to go on :

Marco send an updated Travebooks DB scheme with links, in addition Marco will send UML diagrams (class description for Data)

The current scheme (the one mainly produced by JeanYves) will be modified to satisfy some of the technical aspect of TravelBooks (user table, InnoDb ...)

No use of Micha design has yet occur, JeanYves must do it as a test on a profile like page, but the current CSS proposed by Micha is not compatible with all navigator, more is expected from Micha side but Micha has missed time for it

A schedule for a beta test web site has been proposed : for now it is only foreseen to stabilize the current work, with some use of Micha Layout and to open it to HCVol people only (beta test) The schedule is to have something online, for test and comment, between December 18/December 23

The proposal for basic need for website has not yet be commented http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolboard/index.php?topic=291.msg1473#msg1473 minimal requirements for new website

To do : list all possibilities for member profile in the wiki for discussion (JeanYevs)

  • New Domain name :

A poll is started and should end by December 14th (choice between the best candidates apertaporta or bwelcome)

To avoid bwelcome to be "steal" it has been registrated (bewelcome.com is however already in use by some hoter resort)

  • Time, place and organization of our first General Assembly

Only conclusion : it should be after April first. When and where is still to be discussed

  • Status report
  • previous BoD minute meeting of December 7th is approved
  • everybody : finalize forum threads (abuse, comments, forum moderation, spam,...)?

Still to do, few activity there during last week.

We propose to make an HCVol Skype meeting to try to boost conclusion (even if not taken during the meeting, the idea is to try to imply people, clarify things which need it if any and then look for conclusion in the following day using the forum)

  • Action plan

Find how to register a .mobi (Marco ?)

Propose Agenda and send invitation for HCVol Skype meeting on Thurday 21th (just after the BoD meeting) (Claudia/JeanYves)

Describe the current content of member profile for comment/corection (JeanYves)

Accept Pietertje (PierreCharles)

Make a poll for domain choice (Claudia)

Have fun (Jonas suggestion)

Send more doc about Travelbook (Marco)

Meeting ended at 22h34