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Meeting started at: 20:10

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Florian, Fabian, Anja, Jean-Yves, Samuel (peregri), Matthias, Frank, Claudia, Martin, Julien

Agenda: starting out from the forum thread http://www.bevolunteer.org/forum/index.php?topic=1502.0 about Where did we fail, how do we plan to do better a think tank about volunteer efficiency, code of ethics

  1. volunteer rules (to prevent abuse by volunteers)
    1. list of possible abuse:
      1. kicking members without justification
      2. removing forum posts without justification
      3. (ab)using privtae data from members for other reasons than volunteering in case you have access to them
    2. how and where could members complain?
      1. idea of public complaints was dismissed for privacy reasons and fear of 'witch hunt'
      2. members' representation / independent board (but how can we get this?)
        1. election through BW members?
          1. continuation: BW forum thread, once there is consensus, newsletter
    3. so far logged volunteer actions
      1. forum moderation
      2. change of members personal data
    4. discussed proposal: Have a volunteer fill in a 'reason for access' field everytime he gets into the data of a member
    5. sanctions in case of abuse: 1) inform, educate, 2) warning, 3) Good Bye
  2. implementation of the members' bill of rights
    1. contra:
      1. benefits?
      2. 'rights' emphasize the 'organization vs member' perspective
      3. members' right to participate in the decision-making process is not exactly what we have in BW. Members CAN participate by becoming volunteers, they can give suggestions but they don't 'have the right to vote' on every single decision.
    2. Pro:
      1. it gives the members more recognition
      2. it is important to show them that they have rights
      3. it could be a good distinctive asset for BeWelcome to show the atmosphere and philosophy behind the organization
      4. it would be a good sign towards the SHE
    3. questions
      1. would the BoR be of any value if we modified it a bit (members' participation)?
    4. continuation of this process should be in the BV forum

Meeting ended at: 22:15