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Meeting started at: 20:00

Moderator: Frank

The issue of a permanent vs changing moderator has been raised.

Participants: Claudia, Frank, Hannu, Jean-Yves, Marco

Absent without notification: Gerrit, Jonas, Pierre-Charles

Absent with notification: none


  • next moderator: Jean-Yves
  • pending applications: None that we had any valid information of.

It has been decided we will allow spontaneous applications (by word of mouth) but for the moment start no active recruiting campaign.

  • programmers: report, decision about how to go on :

Marco will provide documentation to the other programmers about his Travelbook. Any decisions are postponed till the next meeting

  • New Domain name :

a decision has been made to register several possibilities and organise a poll amonst HCVol member to decide the new domain name

  • Presence at BoD Meetings

We ask all BoD members to inform in advance if they cannot attend a meeting. We need at least 50% presence for an official meeting.

  • Status report

Many topics have been discussed on the forum and need a conclusion, especially : spam filter, how to handle abuse, comment system on the profile, forum moderation, ...

  • Action plan
  • JY & PC : register domains
  • Marco : send documentation about Travelbook
  • everybody : finalize forum threads (abuse, comments, forum moderation, spam,...)
  • JY : put the existing features of travelbook and the required features of OpenHC on the forum
  • Frank : write mail to BoD with new proposal for Thursday and confirmation of everybody's commitment

Meeting ended at:00:01