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Meeting started at: 20:04

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia, Frank, Jean-Yves, Hannu, Marco

Absent without notification: Gerrit

Absent with notification: (Pierre-Charles, Jonas)


  • approval of last report: yes
  • next moderator: Frank
  • pending applications: one, still missing information
  • Status report
    • Domain Name: spelling: BeWelcome won. BeWelcome: (6 out of 11) vs Bwelcome (5 out of 11)
    • register .mobi (Marco) Marco will register BeWelcome.mobi
    • Forum management: Frank can now also move threads and accept people. The policy should be to give access to the public board to anybody with a 'normal' email address.
  • Cooperation with other sites: We decided to start talks with other hospitality exchange sites. Frank will contact some CouchSurfing members who showed interest in joining. He will also prepare a page / letter with information about our goals, what we can offer and in what areas we could imagine a cooperation with other sites.
  • Logo for BeWelcome: Several people have contacted designers to help out here, but everybody should follow this and give feedback and suggestions. Also rough drafts can help professional people to create something really cool.
  • Finalizing Comment discussion:Flag feature should be added: Members who abuse the comment system get a flag (visible to admin only) and have their comments premoderated. There should be a warning in a pop up window when people select ?Äònegative?Äô as experience.
  • Finalizing discussions we had with the HCvol crowds: http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolwiki/index.php/HCvol_crowds_meetings:_summaries ; nothing to be added, the conclusions are clear and unanimous.
  • Checking out and commenting on programming progress in TB and otherwise:
    • There is progress in TB as well as with the hosting / profile pages.
    • Marco sent an alpha forum to Hannu.
    • Help is needed with the design now: The sample new layout is visible at http://www.hcvolunteers.org/HCVoljyh/member.php?cid=henri and is to be commented.
    • In about two weeks we think we can offer a beta test site (signup, accepting, messages between people, groups, comments, basisc admincheckers/admincoments/adminwords, forum)
  • Road Map for the next time
    • Marco will be away till January 13th but programming will go on
    • we should have a BETA site BeWelcome in about 2 weeks!!! (signup, accepting, messages between people, groups, comments, basisc admincheckers/admincoments/adminwords, forum)
    • disclaimers and FAQs have to be written and checked, translations can be started then
    • depending on the bugs and the modifications that need to be made we could have a real site in about 4 weeks!!!
  • Week Action plan
    • contact pending applicants (Frank)
    • contact CS people (Frank)
    • set up information page for other networks (Frank)
    • register BeWelcome.mobi (Marco)(only on his name possible)
    • introduce yourself on public forum
    • modify the public page (new domain name)

Meeting ended at: 23:15