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Moderator: Gerrit

Participants full time: Pierre, JY, Gerrit, Claudia, Jonas

Participants part time: Hannu, Marco, Frank, Matthias

1. Road map for the next weeks, possibly the one outlined by JY

  • start with the definition of the future meeting habits and moderation

Results: BoD Meetings:

  • HCvol BoD helds a Jour Fixe every Wednesday 20:00 CET in a Skype conference
  • there is a meeting moderator for every meeting who is responsible to publish the agenda well in advance, to moderate the meeting and to write a report of the results into the HCvol forum and HCvol wiki
  • before the results are publihed on the wiki (readable for all HCvol members), it is confirmed by the Secretary Delegate
  • the moderator shall ideally be a different one every week (offers appreciated)
  • if noone is found for a certain meeting, then there is a default moderator
  • election of the default moderator: Gerrit (4), JY (1), nobody (1) => Gerrit is DM
  • roadmap as outlined by JY: general agreement about it, except: "solving Veit issue" and "aim of reunification with HC"
  • in particular, programmers are asked to set up the server as needed and provide the possibility for other HCvol members to see the progress
  • as soon as the new site is ready for launching, it will be done under a new domain (to be defined)
  • 5 of 7 people refuse the idea to connect the HCvol test site to the HC database as not morally ok or too risky

2. Decision for a development server: 2 alternatives suggested so far:

  • small server from server4you.de, on name of HCvol represented by Gerrit (on his bill) if possible, otherwise directly on Gerrit's name as member of HCvol, 90 ?Ǩ for 1 year
  • existing server in Marco's department of Uni Zurich, no costs for quite a big server, only Hannu and Marco as Admins


  • both solutions are generally accepted, final decision is left to programmers
  • programmers agree on Marco's server at Uni Zurich

3. Definition of the tasks of the 3 delegates, election of a BoD (board of directors, number of people to be defined)


  • number of BoD members: 9
  • election of the BoD (5 yes, 1 no): Frank, Pierre, Marco, JY, Matthias, Claudia, Hannu, Jonas, Gerrit
  • election of the Secretary Delegate and assistants (6 yes, 0 no): Pierre is SD, JY assistant for paper work from / to official HCvol address, Gerrit is assistant for documentation
  • reminder: Executive Delegate is Frank, Treasury Delegate Marco

4. Tasks of all of us


recruiting: Jean-Yves (paper work), Claudia

new features: Claudia (responsible), Jonas, Hannu, Marco: analyzing, structuring and extending of existing feedback, result is a detailed description for prgrammers of how new features shall look like

documentation: Gerrit (responsible), Claudia: of HCvol rules / agreements / access rights and explanation of HCvol for future HCvol members and website users

programming: Jean-Yves, Marco, Hannu, Jonas, Gerrit

server administration: Jean-Yves, Marco, Hannu

legal team: Pierre (responsible), Gerrit

Mr everything: Pierre (responsible)

Forum communication: reminding that information is missing in a conversation, calling someone to participate in a conversation

Fundraising: Treasury Delegate (responsible)

5. Define the internal regulations document, especially the way to accept new HCvol members. Pierre started the work, please keep on with it BEFORE the meeting:

Results: topic postponed to next meeting

6. Determination of a date for a real-world-meeting.

Results: topic postponed to next meeting

Meeting ends at 00:54:42.