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Meeting started at: 20:05

Moderator: Frank

Participants: Frank, Claudia, Jean-Yves, Florian, Peter

Absent without notification: Pierre-Charles, Marco, Micha

Absent with notification: Irina


  • 1 approval of last report: DONE

in charge of approving this report: Claudia, Florian

  • 2 next moderator: Frank
  • 3 pending applications: no valid applications
  • 4 Status report
    • finding an international bank with online banking for us (Jean-Yves)=> moved to next week

Would it make sense to choose a bank which focuses on NGO's or has a special dedication towards "fair banking?" At least in Germany there are some banks like this. Kiwiflave 13:53, 26 July 2007 (CEST)

    • set up routine for handling donations (communication etc) (Jean-Yves, Micha) => moved to next week

Donation via phone bill - would it make things easier? We still need to talk about our status (NGO, NPO) as this is necessary to get donations

    • taking care of GA minutes being public (official publications) (Frank), Peter for the BoD page

=> Everything should be public, Peter is waiting for Hannu to put the BoD page on the Wiki Main Page

    • work on flyers to be printed out (Florian, Giovanni, Micha)

=> moved to next week

    • put BW logo and mission (integrated in the about us page?) on beta, by Monday latest (Micha, Jean-Yves) DONE
    • send mail to BW members, Monday or Tuesday at the latest, as soon as the Logo and Mission are on beta page (Jean-Yves) DONE

=> there were 3 issues with the mail:

  • sender was "newsletter"
  • some members received it 4 times
  • Apple computers can't click on the links

Peter will add it to the flyspray

    • prepare download platform (Micha)

=> no news, Florian will check with Micha and Thomas

    • take care of impressum / check if domain can be transferred to BV (Peter, Marco)

Domain should now be transferred to BV as organisation. All the domains should be owned and managed by the organisation, not by private persons. For the impressum a link to the BV website and the Yaml footer will be included (unless there are objections Kiwiflave 13:53, 26 July 2007 (CEST) => Impressum is up, Peter will check about the domain transfer

    • Make impressum page public (Peter and Jean-Yves) DONE
    • Contact Thomas about the launch campaign (Florian) DONE, Thomas joined the media team and already started to draft the campaign infrastructure: Outreach_Campaign

=> end of September is the final deadline

Suggestion to look for a second design coordinator. To be talked about with Matthias and the team.

    • There was a discussion about how to inform the BoD of important decisions. Frank will make a poll in the Forum to choose between Forum and Google Group
  • 5 Ads

Frank contacted MIVA. We need a UK bank account. Peter will check the possibilities Other suggestion was to contact companies for static banners

  • 6 Moving BeVolunteer list to mailman

Decision has been taken to abandon the BV google group and ask Chris to make a mailman client. Frank and Chris to moderate

  • 7 Communication of BoD

Since this was Marco's suggestion and he was not there, no decision has been taken. To be continued

  • 8 OpenID development and opencs commitment

Florian and Jean-Yves are going to contact Philipp and some interested potential volunteers to ask them for a proposal on a possible 3rd project under the roof of BV. This project would be concerned with programming for hospex sites, but not restricted to BW. BW would, however, be able to implement the outcome, if liked.

The general idea has been approved by the BoD, final approval only after further discussion of a proposal (and time frame)

  • Week Action plan

1. finding an international bank with online banking for us (Jean-Yves)

2. translate the Statutes in French (Pascal, Jean-Yves)

3. set up routine for handling donations (communication etc) (Jean-Yves, Micha)

4. taking care of BoD page being public (Peter)

5. add 3 issues to the flyspray (Peter) :

  • changing the name of the sender of the newsletter from "newsletter" to "BeWelcome"
  • checking why some people received it 4 times
  • apple computers didn't display links

6. work on flyers to be printed out (Florian, Giovanni, Micha)

7. prepare download platform (Micha + Thomas, Florian contacts them)

8. check if domain can be transferred to BV (Peter, Marco)

9. make a poll about using Google Groups or Forum for BoD notifications (Frank)

10. Ads (Frank checks with MIVA, Peterr checks UK bank account for organizations)

11. Moving BeVolunteer list to mailman (Frank and Chris)

12. Tell Philipp to invite Morgan to join BeCreative (Florian)

Meeting ended at: 23:00

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