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Meeting started at: 20:00

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia, Florian (partly), Frank, Jean-Yves, Peter, Pierre-Charles

Absent without notification: Marco, Micha

Absent with notification: Irina


  • 1 approval of last report: yes

in charge of approving this report: Pierre-Charles, Peter

  • 2 next moderator: Claudia
  • 3 pending applications: none
  • 4 Status report
    • a) Invite Philipp and Valerie for the next informal meeting to exchange about communication issues (Florian) DONE; short report about the meeting
      • server issue (see separate point in agenda)
      • communication:
        • clear guidelines are requested for
          • what decisions should be approved by BoD
          • how the process of asking approval should be

BoD decided to postpone this discussion first to BoD forum and then to one of the next BoD meetings and to exchange views then with Valerie (Internal Communications)

    • b) Contact CS management about possible cooperation for profile import / export and especially about legal implications and put reply on forum to be discussed (Frank)DONE, we got an answer:
      • some open doors
      • cooperation with abuse teams looks very much possible
      • Stefan will be informed about getting a mail concerning this (abuse team)
    • communicate the decision to use the BW-forum for discussions about how to improve the BW forum (Frank) There are some threads about this in the BW forum already: http://www.bewelcome.org/tb/forums/s167-More%20Categories%20for%20this%20forum
  • 5 ordering of a second server

background from the meeting with Valerie and Philipp ** reasons: (Philipp) ** costs will be about 950 EUR per year on top of the 270 for 6 more months for our current server ** according to JY new server should be available in January, Philipp would prefer one now ** suggestions to solve financial situation: *** create a new google ads account *** sponsors **** to be solved: what can we offer sponsors **** to be solved: tax deductability *** private loan (Philipp offered it) ** compromise? We get a virtual server or such for our tools. Actually, although performance is a good thing for development, we're not in hunger for hyper speed. ** suggestion: we cancel the idea of a new real server for now BUT collect info about prizes for a virtual server **vote on this issue: next week, BoD meeting **task force for financial situation

    • the tech people among us (Peter, Jean-Yves) assured the rest of the BoD that a second server is by far the most secure option, so we should really go for it instead of the virtual server option, that sounded appealing to to the non-tech people, since it would save us money.
    • some donations can be expected soon, so we can actually go for the second server
    • ads could possibly be reactivated

the BoD approved the option of ordering a second server for 3 months for about 270 EUR unanimously

  • 6 degrees of openness of our wiki

See Pierre-Charles' proposal: http://www.bevolunteer.org/forum/index.php?topic=1229.msg9236#msg9236

''a public wiki by default, with:

  • some pages defined as not public, such as about abuse or others
  • there is no more the problem of the profiles/personal info, since it will be managed with the joomla system.
  • possibility for any team/person to open PRIVATE pages for his own purpose or for team purpose, so they can have brainstorm area, some informal notes or any thing they wish that "nobody can be looking over their shoulder" at the moment. (proposal to avoid FTP moves: make the private pages on the joomla wiki and unify the logins - to see if possible).'' : great to see this shift in direction! But, please, let's work out a practical solution, before we make too big jumps! If new methods (like joomla wiki) have been tested to be practical, let's go for it :) Of course, you can already confirm the new direction we are taking. --Lemon-head 05:40, 25 October 2007 (UTC)

the BoD unanimously approved the policy stated above

Technical solutions should being explored.

Wiki pages teams wish not to be public

  • 7 Allowing polls on BW

See conversation

Pierre-Charles proposes to give our support to the solution proposed by Philipp: (http://www.bevolunteer.org/forum/index.php?topic=1175.msg9290#msg9290)

1. Welcome John's proposal to start a community driven development/feedback of the BeWelcome website, called community forum. All developers, designers and new feature team members are invited to use the new "community forum" to get in touch with our member base and to get a lot of input. They are asked to get in touch with John to get some tips on how to work in such an environment as he is very experienced here. Based on the past discussions it should be run in the BeWelcome forum and a polling system should be integrated into the site. Until this is achieved John should decide on a usable polling solution that would be used by him and the others in the meantime. The scope of the forum will be clearly the usability of the BeWelcome website. It will be clearly stated that all polls are just consultative. It will be mentioned that this form of member participation can be cancelled at any time by the BoD if it does not seem to work properly (I don't expect this to happen but it is honest towards our members as we can cancel everything at any time)

All this has basically already been decided before or seems to be the consensus in several threads. John should start right away, no need for further decision making here. If needed this approach and all actions of the community forum are fully covered by the software development coordinator.

2. From the above mentioned approach we will learn a lot about using polls in the community.

    • after a phase of evaluation it may be considered in what ways teams or the community could use polls on other kinds of topics
    • the name 'community forum' might not be the best choice and should be reconsidered

the BoD unanimously approved this propsition for a trial phase of 3 months (up to end of January 2008)

  • 8 Financial situation
    • Info: work is done in order to improve the donation process; good result should be available very soon. (and it should increase the income)
    • members up for the financial task force:
      • Valerie(?)
      • Pierre-Charley (only donation part)
      • (Jean-Yves: technical part of the donation process)
  • 9 Finalizing the routines for keeping the BV member database clean (was discussed in http://www.bevolunteer.org/wiki/20.09.07 )
    • suggestion:
      • send out a first letter to all inactive BV members:
        • ask them whether they'd like to contribute more
        • show where and how (Contact team coordinators)
        • tell them that inactive members might cause an administrative problem quorum
        • inform them about the possibility to become supportive members (receiving this message does not mean that the member will be supportive member, just no answer will change their status until they want to become active again)
      • delay (time to be discussed)
      • second letter: reactivating info again + you will pass to inactive statute
      • no reaction: will be set to supportive members status
      • definition of inactivity:
        • no known active volunteer activity (eg. forum posts, active contribution in other volunteers platforms (FS, wiki, etc) )
        • feedback from team coordinators!!
    • members should be made supportive members automatically after the delay
    • routine should be implemented in the Rules and Regulations
    • check with statutes
  • 10 Other
    • Ideas how to activate the local volunteers dynamic / Local community (Pierre-Charles)
    • transparency of BoD meetings: reporting more precisely who supported or disagreed with what arguments or posting the chat history? see discussion: http://www.bevolunteer.org/forum/index.php?topic=1240.0

''The present BoD members disagreed with publishing their own opinions or differences. As a team, BoD decisions are not individual ones. Decisions are reported as being accepted or rejected by the majority, or unanimously.

  • Week Action plan
    • start forum thread about guidelines for decision-making (Claudia)
    • inform Stefan about possible CS cooperation about abuse (Frank)
    • start forum thread in Everything Else about BW about a brainstorming for unique 'selling' points of BeWelcome (Florian)
    • start forum thread about 'financial task force' (Frank)
    • check out options for moving the BW forum to a different domain (Jean-Yves)
    • communication with server team (Jean-Yves)
    • back-up plan in case we find a sponsor for our server and are thus in a dependency situation with servers (Peter --> start brainstorming)
    • check with statutes and rules and regulations for proposal about inactive BV members (Pierre-Charles and Claudia)

Meeting ended at: 23:20

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