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Meeting started at: 20:00

This meeting is done as unofficial.

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Pierre-Charles, Irina, Frank, Florian, Jean-Yves,Claudia


  1. approval of last report:<br />in charge of approving this report: not valid for unofficial
  2. next moderator: Claudia
  3. pending applications: none
  4. Status report<br />The status report is let for the next meeting
    1. forum category, short description and sticky (Frank and Claudia)
    2. work on the implementation of procedure with inactive BV members in the Rules and Regulations (Frank and Claudia)
    3. work on the implemenation of procedure with inactive BV members in Joomla (technical aspect)(Frank and Thomas - in Antwerp)
    4. adapt poll for GA dates (Frank) DONE.
    5. send out letter informing BV members about two possible dates, location and telling them that they can apply as representative for BoD (Frank)
    6. set up Wiki page for preparation of GA (Peter)
  5. Financial report
    1. Financial situation<br />By April we have to raise a minimum of 500 Euro to be even.
    2. Optimizing the Donation process for users
      1. FAQ entry is needed
      2. Donation bar (as suggested on the Unconference in Antwerp) <br />Pierre-Charles is going to write a summary on this for the Decision-Making Forum
    3. Policy on selected advertising<br />we need to find out about standard prices for this, since it is not clear at all that the income would be worth the administration effort. Florian is going to ask programmers or to find out otherwise (forum post on BV forum, but visible to all BW volunteers
      1. Amzon bar is to be tested on Wiki - for volunteers. Anything purchased through there brings us 10%!
    4. Purchase of two ssl certificates
      1. We talked about buying two ssl certificates, this to secure exchange between servers and connexion to admin tools
      2. despite the fact that we are missing some more details on the exact price, the duration and whether we need one or two, it was agreed that we should not save on security of data.
      3. approval will be decided after we have been presented with more facts

Meeting ended at: 21:40