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Meeting started at: 20:40

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Jean-Yves, Claudia, Frank, Jonas, Marco, Hannu

Absent: Pierre-Charles, Gerrit


  • next moderator: Frank

Frank also agreed on being the Default moderator, since Gerrit resigned as such; Still everybody is asked to take on their responsibility!

  • pending applications: None that we had any valid information of.
  • Heidelberg Meeting: report

The point of ending HCvol membership for inactive members needed to be clarified: No changes to the current statutes / internal rules are needed, we agreed on stressing that BoD and team coordinators must take their responsibility seriously and revoke membership for inactive volunteers. Apart from that the report has been approved.

  • New System

There are still a few questions that need to be answered in the forum and in the meeting. These questions are mainly referring to the Database scheme, the rights and some missing parts important for a hospitality exchange. Marco, please try to provide answers soon so that a decision can finally be made.

  • Status report

Nothing apart from the Heidelberg meeting

  • Action plan
    • Programmers try to get the missing information to propose a decision on how to procede (old system / new system /mixture)
    • everybody should try to contribute to forum discussions and help finalizing decisions

Meeting ended at: 22:46