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Meeting started at: 21:00

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia, Irina, Jean-Yves, Peter, Pierre-Charles, Marco

Absent without notification: not valid in informal

Absent with notification: ""

Agenda: planning next BoD meeting

  • 1 situation in the SD-team:
    • general status report of the situation in the team
    • in what way can the BoD help / support?
    • what is the status and the planning of new features (what is realistic?)
  • 2 pending applications: none
  • 3 inactive members in BV:
    • suggestion:
      • send out a letter to all inactive BV members:
        • ask them whether they'd like to contribute more
        • show where and how
        • tell them that inactive members might cause an administrative problem (quorum etc.)
        • inform them about the possibility to become supportive members (receiving this message does not mean that the member will be supportive member, just no answer will change their status until they want to become active again)
      • delay (time to be discussed)
      • no reaction: will be set to supportive members status
    • to be discussed:
      • definition of inactivity
        • feedback from team coordinators!!
        • less than 5 forum messages in the last 6 monthes
        • no active contribution in other volunteers platforms (FS, wiki, etc)
        • no known active volunteer activity
        • (...)
      • one letter or two letters?
      • should members ask for being supportive member or be made sm automatically after the delay?
    • routine should be implemented in the Rules and Regulations
    • check with statutes
  • Week Action plan
    • invite Philipp for the BoD in three weeks (Claudia)

Meeting ended at:

[[User:tgoorden|tgoorden]] - Wed, 25 Nov 09 14:16:14 +0000

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